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    27 Dainty Engagement Rings You Might Want To Let Your Partner Know You Like

    It's not a crime to wish for a dazzling engagement ring to go with your Happily Ever After — get some inspiration from these sparklers.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A nature-inspired engagement ring and wedding band set that'll impress anyone who would describe their aesthetic as "cottagecore." The bands around each ring have been made to look like branches woven around delicate moissanite diamonds. 

    one ring with a big center stone and smaller stones scattered throughout a branch-like band and another of just the band

    Moissanite diamonds are lab-grown rather than harvested out in mines — I've experienced quite a few first hand and can attest to how stunning they truly are. Additionally, Keyzar is a small business based in Tel Aviv that sells handmade jewelry.

    Promising review: "Okay. I am gonna just say WOW. Everything about these guys is stellar. The ring is stunningly gorgeous with SO much fire. Beautifully executed and the ring and setting quality is amazing. The service is exemplary and the shipping was lightning fast. My soon-to-be-fiancé (hopefully) is going to have her mind blown with how beautiful this ring is. Thank you guys! Anyone who is considering this set you will NOT be disappointed. Moissanite has SO much fire and sparkle and it is literally blindingly gorgeous. You can't go wrong with this set!" —Adam Days

    Get the set from Keyzar on Etsy for $1,620.20+ (available in any size, seven stone types, and two finishes)

    2. A memorable ring with a dainty band made to look like Princess Diana's (and now Kate Middleton's) engagement ring. Any fan of the Royal Family will looooove showing this sparkler off to their family and friends after you pop the question.

    Promising review: "I love this ring! It’s a lookalike of my engagement ring but I wear this for work instead and I still get so many compliments and I have to tell people it’s from Amazon haha. I shower with it, I wash my hands 1,000 times a day with it and it hasn’t changed color or changed my skin color! I am really impressed!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in sizes 4–12 and two colors).

    3. An elongated cushion cut cubic zirconia beauty you'll never want to take your eyes off — and for good reason! Just think of how dazzling it'll look when you show it off in the sunlight. Ugh, gorgeous. 

    a reviewer wearing the ring with a big middle stone and thin stone band
    another reviewer wearing the ring

    Promising review: "This ring is absolutely beautiful. I can’t stop staring at it. My girlfriends couldn’t tell it wasn’t a real diamond. It sparkles so beautifully. Sizing is on point. I’m in love and I don’t ever want to take it off." —Paulina

    Get it from Amazon for $35.62+ (available in sizes 4–10).

    4. A delicate band with a twinkling diamond and recycled pure gold you'd likely find next to the definition of "dainty engagement ring" in the dictionary.

    a thin gold band with a small circle diamond in the middle
    Aurate New York

    This beauty is simply stunning and perfect for anyone who is 1. on a budget — rings can be SO expensive and/or 2. in the market for something clean, simple, and sentimental. It comes with a lifetime warranty (wahoo!) and every ring is made-to-order. Aurate is a women-owned business based in New York.

    Promising review: "Totally in love with this ring... sooo dainty and shiny.. looks better in person.. worth every penny, you won't regret it... A+." —Julia A.

    Get it from Aurate New York for $280 (available in sizes 3–10, two rates, and three colors).

    5. A solitaire number featuring cubic zirconia stones no one will be the wiser about — they're sparkly, dazzling, and will certainly do the trick if you're all about the bling but *not* about the earth-shattering price diamonds can be.

    a single stone set on a band of smaller stones
    a reviewer wearing the ring

    Promising review: "Gorgeous temporary replacement. I lost my engagement ring years ago but approaching 18 years of marriage, I wanted something classy to go with my band, which really brings it out more in my opinion. Our anniversary is in March but with the pandemic it feels silly to spend hundreds of dollars on a ring. I highly recommend this ring and after everything returns to normal, consider the higher price. Love it!" —Kalua Lauber

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99 (available in sizes 3.5–9.5).

    6. A sparkling beauty I'm honestly feeling myself getting a bit choked up over. I can't even begin to imagine how someone might feel upon being surprised by their partner offering them this ring and a life together forever.

    a model with the thin diamond band on it featuring two small round stones and one middle stone
    a thin gold band on it featuring diamonds along it, two small round stones and one middle stone

    Each piece of Catbird jewelry is made in their Brooklyn studio!

    Get it from Catbird for $4,700 (available in sizes 3.5–12 and four metals).

    7. A moss agate and tourmaline ring for anyone who often scowls at standard diamond rings — this three-stoned beauty will blow your your fiancé away, no question.

    hand holding the green and blue ring with gold prongs
    Capuccine / Etsy

    Cappucine is a small business based out of Slovenia that sells fine jewelry.

    Promising review: "My lady absolutely loves her ring! There is a care and quality to this ring that you know an artist made it. Thanks so much for the beautiful piece of art and I know we will cherish it forever!" —Shae Smith

    Get it from Capuccine on Etsy for $870+ (available in sizes 2–8 and six styles).

    8. A solitaire ring you've likely always dreamt of rocking on *that* finger — it has four prongs to keep it safely in place and features a stunning minimalist design that'll never go out of style.

    the ring with a square diamond
    model wearing the ring on middle finger
    Frank Darling

    Get it from Frank Darling for $850+ (available in sizes 4–13, four metals, and optional free engraving).

    9. A ring filled with peach and champagne—colored stones that'll make a serious first impression on anyone who is lucky enough to lay eyes on it. My gosh, it's just so freakin' beautiful.

    a ring with five stones, four small peach and clear stones with one champagne larger stone in the middle set on a gold band

    And while we're here, here are 29 other splurge-worthy pieces of jewelry to browse through.

    Get it from Mociun for $6,900 (available in sizes 3–10).

    10. A ring featuring both an emerald cut and stone you don't have to be a May baby to appreciate — I don't see any scenario in which you wouldn't absolutely find yourself ugly crying after being proposed to with this lil' beauty.

    a model wearing the dainty emerald ring
    the emerald stone with two clear stones on each side of it
    Local Eclectic

    Local Eclectic is a Latinx female-owned small business with jewelry you won't be able to help but drool over. This ring is stunning, as are the many other items in their store. 

    Get it from Local Eclectic for $310 (available in sizes 4–10).

    11. A delicate diamond band, perfect for someone who works with their hands and worries about a raised stone snagging on something but would still appreciate a little *sparkle*.

    Promising review: "LOVE it!!! It matches my engagement ring PERFECTLY! It’s shiny, and sparkly, and seems to be well made. I’ve worn it 24/7 for a week now and it’s still shiny and sparkly and seems quite durable (I’m hard on jewelry). It’s gorgeous and you will NOT be disappointed!" —Renay

    Get it from Amazon for $104.90+ (available in sizes 4–10 and three metals).

    12. An emerald pavé ring crafted from sustainably sourced diamonds you won't want to stop staring at — not now, not after 10 years of marriage, not ever.

    model wearing the emerald cut pave ring
    the emerald cut ring

    Any ring from Vrai comes with a lifetime warranty and is made-to-order.

    Get it from Vrai for $890+ (available in 10 diamond shapes, four metals, and two band styles).

    13. A round diamond ring made with ethically sourced diamonds, recycled precious metals, and everything you need to make a lasting memory when proposing to the love of your life.

    model wearing the diamond ring with the gold band
    gif of the ring
    Ring Concierge

    (Psst, here are 34 more pieces of dazzling jewelry to treat your loved one, your BFF, or even yourself to!)

    Get it from Ring Concierge for $1,798+ (available in sizes 3–9, three metals, multiple diamond sizes).

    14. A darling solitaire ring that's as dainty as they come — a perfectly beautiful ring to show the person you love that, well, you love them.

    a model wearing the very thin band ring with a tiny stone in the middle
    a close up of the ring

    JSVConcepts is a small business based in Los Angeles that sells jewelry through Amazon Handmade.

    Get them from JSVConcepts on Amazon Handmade for $182 (available in sizes 3–10, three metals, and four carat sizes).

    15. A simple, classic ring with an emerald-cut stone that'll stand the test of time. It'll impress your friends, your siblings, your parents, and your grandparents (because that's who's going to be ogling it the most) with it's understated beauty.

    the dainty gold ring with an emerald diamond in the middle

    Every ring from Gemist is made in Los Angeles and can be easily customized. Their stones are all ethically sourced and conflict-free.

    Get it from Gemist for $8,875+ (available in sizes 3–10, eight stone types, three metals, two carat sizes, two settings, and two styles).

    16. A Princess-cut ring starring three Swarovski zirconia gems you'll cherish as much as your beloved fiancé. Throw your hand up like you're in the Beyoncé "Single Ladies" video, ayyyyy!

    a reviewer wearing the three stone ring
    the silver band with a square stone in the middle and two smaller ones on each side

    Promising review: "I’m absolutely in love with this ring!!! We have been looking for an affordable engagement ring (preferably under $100) and I happened to come across this one. I’ve been wearing this since it came in (three days now) and it has held up great with just the natural oils from skin. I wear this all day doing errands, tending to my goats, and just around in the summer heat and it hasn’t discolored my skin at all. Pretty surprising especially since my skin used to be really sensitive to metals. I did accidentally take a nap with it in and it didn’t damage it or turn my finger. The band is slightly thicker than most but only by a mm or two so it’s not an issue for looks when it comes to the square cut. In my opinion, the thickness of the band leads me to believe that it’ll be rather sturdy. It feels and looks durable and even has some weight to it compared to some other rings I have. The shipping was perfect and came in when expected. The ring itself came in a black gift box with the foam that supports a ring upright so it’s perfect for show or proposing. The sizing is true too. I’m a 4.5 so I ordered the 5 and although there is some space, it isn’t horribly big." —Ash B

    Get it from Amazon for $24+ (available in sizes 5–9, three metals, and four styles).

    Psst: this item is included in Prime Wardrobe so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    17. An oval cubic zirconia ring Taylor Swift was probably referring to when she sang "you put me on and said I was your favorite" when she wrote "Cardigan."

    And because there are few things better than a jewelry bargain, here are 20 other pieces of jewelry that won't even cost you $50.

    Promising review: "Really beautiful ring! It sparkles great and looks pretty real." —Chris Metheney

    Get it from Amazon for $21.50 (available in sizes 4–10 and three colors).

    18. A baguette diamond tiara dazzler you can count on to elevate your sparkle game forever  — it's absolutely stunning and will look even more-so when living on your left hand.

    the model wearing the curved baguette ring
    Erth Jewelry

    Get it from Erth Jewelry for $2,655 (available in sizes 4-8 and three metals).

    19. A salt and pepper diamond ring you'll enjoy wayyyyy more than the process of properly seasoning your meals (don't make me lecture you about adding salt to pasta water!). You may just even love this stunner more than, gasp, your favorite food.

    the salt and pepper ring
    model wearing the ring
    Capuccine / Etsy

    Promising review: "Absolutely perfect. The quality blew us away. The diamond is so unique. I feel so honored to wear such a beautiful ring." —sarah lampke

    Get it from Capuccine on Etsy for $2,500+ (available in sizes 3.5-8, four metals, and two carat sizes).

    20. A dainty ring that'll make your minimalist-loving heart flip-flop with excitement thanks to its darling horizontal stone (that's so in right now) and braided band. 

    a reviewer wearing the very delicate ring with a tiny stone and thin band
    another reviewer showing off the ring

    Promising review: "Oh my god this is the cutest, most beautiful ring ever. Its so tiny, delicate, and amazing!!! I haven't been this happy with a piece of jewelry in a long time! I'm in love, this is exactly what I wanted and more. It's not true to size though, I ordered a 6 and I'm a 6.5, but the ring is a teeny bit big. " —Anna

    Get it from Amazon for $18 (available in sizes 5–9 and six styles).

    21. A gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring for anyone who has always had their heart on a non-traditional, delicate lil' thing for their left hand. Ugh, if you thought you were excited just wait until you show your mom!

    a reviewer showing the ring in a box
    a silver ring with a blue sapphire stone in the middle flanked by three small diamonds

    Promising review: "I bought this ring as a gift for my mom whose birthstone is sapphire. I had previously purchased sapphire earrings from Gem Stone King and was pleased with the quality and decided to go with them again. I am so glad I did. This ring is absolutely gorgeous! The little diamonds on the sides are clustered together tightly which makes them appear as one larger stone. I was a little worried that they would look cheap, but they don't. The sapphire is a lovely deep blue. It is a dainty ring which I like. It would also make a beautiful engagement ring." —Carey L. Parker

    Get it from Amazon for $299.99 (available in sizes 5–9).

    22. A one of a kind marquise engagement ring with a design to make it seem like the stunning diamond is floating on your finger. I don't know why you're even still reading this when you should probably be copying/pasting the link to send to your partner ASAP.

    a model wearing a Marquise diamond on a band that doesn't connect
    a Marquise diamond on a band that doesn't connect

    Every piece of Katkim jewelry is handmade in Los Angeles, California and is created with cruelty-free diamonds and recycled gold wherever possible.

    Get it from Katkim for $3,300+ (available in sizes 3–9, three metals, and up to 3 carats in diamond size).

    23. A pretty-in-pink rose quartz ring with an art deco style that'll make it look like your partner traveled back in time (did Loki help???) to snag it from a wealthy heiress who had so many jewels she wouldn't even notice it was missing.

    Image of the rose quartz ring
    LstudioC / Etsy

    LstudioC is a small business that sells gorgeous handmade jewelry.

    Promising review: "I am absolutely thrilled with my ring. My expectations were blown out of the water <3 <3 <3" —Peach Pie

    Get it from LstudioC on Etsy for $70.34+ (available in any size, three metals, three colors, and two carat sizes).

    24. A mesmerizing engagement ring with an intricate design anyone would be over the moon to receive. It features two half moon cut diamonds and a row of small circular stones dividing the two — truly an intricate piece you'll never have seen before.

    the ring with a gold band, two half moon diamonds to create an oval, and smaller diamonds across the middle
    a model wearing the ring
    Local Eclectic

    Plus, here are 38 simple and dainty pieces of jewelry to match their (or your) new ring!

    Each ring from Local Eclectic, a Latinx female–owned small business, is made-to-order and shipped within four to six weeks.

    Get it from Local Eclectic for $3,600 (available in sizes 4–10).

    25. A solitaire sterling silver cubic zirconia ring with a unique band that'll add a little *somethin', somethin'* for anyone who appreciates minimalist jewelry but would enjoy a twist on the classic style.

    a reviewer wearing the oval diamond with a twisted diamond band
    the ring with an oval middle stone and stones around a twisted band

    Promising review: "This is a stunning ring. The main stone is gorgeous and shiny. The band is comfortable. The side stones are great. Even the profile on this ring is gorgeous! I just received this ring today and I hope it keeps up! I am in love." —Mama Chente

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in sizes 3–12.5 and three colors).

    26. A petite twisted vine diamond engagement ring from Brilliant Earth featuring a winding strand of pavé diamonds – kind of like how your hands will be intertwined when you walk back down the aisle after you officially say "I do."

    Brilliant Earth

    Promising review: "Bought this engagement ring for my new fiance and she absolutely loved it. The sparkle of the diamond and the elegance of the band is so beautiful!" —Roses Soon to Be

    Get it from Brilliant Earth for $1,250+ (available in any size, 10 diamond shapes, up to two carats, and four metals).

    27. A 10K gold dainty bow ring boasting a round brilliant-cut Zirconia centerpiece that takes the phrase "tying the knot" to new levels.,

    And if you want to treat them (or yourself!) to some other accessories, here are 34 gorgeous pieces of jewelry that'll make *perfect* gifts.

    Promising review: "Great little ring. Exactly as advertised, as always. It was true to size, the CZs are set very firmly in the setting. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bow itself is firmly affixed on the setting and about as thick as the band's thinnest point." —Stephen Henkel

    Get it from Amazon for $59 (available in sizes 5–9).

    If you don't shout your exciting news from the rooftops a la Monica then are you even engaged?


    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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