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    30 Cozy Home Products That Are On Sale Right Now

    From a fabulous dog bed to a rocking chair covered in sherpa, these home products will have you feeling more at home than ever.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A room spray to replace the musty smell lurking in your home — whether that's moon lake musk and lavender or a clean lemon verbena, you're senses will thank you.

    the room spray in "energy" in front of a wall of flowers

    2. Disney-themed camper mugs that'll turn your movie night into the coziest of evenings.

    3. A sherpa rocking chair for any tired parent who has simply had enough of pacing their fussy baby's room — sit down, relax, snuggle.

    A fuzzy ottoman

    4. A flora-covered faux fur blanket to perfectly accent all of your decor throughout every season.

    A model holding up a black faux fur blanket with pink flowers on it

    5. A fancy Tuft & Needle dog bed for your beloved fur baby — they're your most loyal companion, you might as well spoil 'em.

    a pet owner petting their dog who is sitting in a rust colored, memory foam bed

    6. A velvet accent chair to add some *pizzazz* to any room in your house while also giving you a lovely place to curl up and read a book.

    a green velvet accent chair

    7. A luxury bedding set that'll make you feel like you've just spent the night at a fancy hotel without the hefty price tag.

    a white bedding set on a bed

    8. A chunky knit throw blanket you'll definitely get compliments on when your pals spot you wearing it around your shoulders on your Friday night Zoom hangouts.

    three knit throw blankets in a basket

    9. A Joybird sleeper sofa so your sister can come stay with you for long periods of time without having to lounge on the couch that your cat so kindly scratched up when you ran out to get some groceries.

    a blue velvet sofa with a chaise

    10. A candle inspired by one of your favorite icons to fill your home with their essence — what's more soothing than lighting a Cher-themed candle and scream-singing "Do you belieeeeeve in life after love?"

    a pink cher themed candle with a crystal ball on it and pink glass

    11. A fruity floor pillow you can plop yourself right into the middle of when you want to take a few renewing deep breaths or to mix things up when you've gotten bored of sitting in the same place all day.

    a round floor pillow with kumquats on it

    12. An Allswell memory foam topper complete with cooling graphite to transfer heat away from the body and a Coolflow foam to wick away moisturize — sleeping will never be more comfortable than after you add this to your mattress.

    the memory foam topper on a bed

    13. Or an Idle Sleep hybrid mattress to basically provide you with *two* mattresses instead of one — with a single flip you can go from an extra firm feel to a softer one without splurging on a new bed.

    a couple jumping into bed

    14. Floyd shelving you can fill with all your most cherished possessions to create the coziest home environment possible — go ahead, put your favorite candles, books, and knickknacks on display.

    two short bookcases filled with products

    15. A silent auto gliding bassinet for newborns and their parents — it'll kepe baby safe 'n' snuggly while you hopefully get some much-needed shuteye.

    a white bassinet

    16. A plush bath rug to ensure your tootsies are treated to nothing but the best the moment you step out of the shower — nothing but cozy vibes to be had in your bathroom.

    a pile of different colored plush bath mats

    17. A luxurious desk chair featuring button-tufted upholstery and padded seating so you can feel nice 'n' cozy even when you're making your way through an avalanche of emails.

    18. A Nest thermostat to ensure your living space is always at the coziest temperature — whether that means making it super cold so you can layer on the sweats or, you know, making it the appropriate temperature for the season.

    the stainless steel nest

    19. A wall sconce that'll create a perfectly cozy ambience in your bathroom or, honestly, any room!

    a double bulb wall sconce next to a brass round mirror in a bathroom

    20. A chaise lounge because one home can *never* have enough places to nap — this chair might just become your go-to spot.

    a blush pink lounge chaise

    21. Recipe cards and a stand that'll add an extra cozy-home feel to your kitchen — how could it not with your grandma's famous chocolate chip cookie recipe out on display?

    the wooden stand with a recipe card in the middle slot

    22. A linen duvet cover to replace the one you've been using for far too long and bring your bedroom a fresh pop of color.

    a forest green bedding set

    23. A woven boucle throw pillow you'll likely want to stop what you're doing and sink your face directly into the middle of at any given time — it just looks so darn soft.

    the tan throw pillow

    24. A Tempur-Pedic pillow that'll give new meaning to the phrase "head in the clouds."

    a model resting on the soft pillow

    25. A Le Creuset enamel tea kettle because there are few things that scream "cozy!" like the sound of a kettle's whistle — a warm mug of tea awaits!

    The Le Creuset enamel tea kettle in carribean

    26. A three-tiered zen fountain for anyone who has felt a warmth of calm come over their body when crawling into bed during a rain storm. This will recreate that soothing sound no matter what the whether might be outside.

    the black speckled fountain

    27. A wooden coffee table that'll transform your regular ol' living room into one that rivals a quaint log cabin somewhere covered in fresh, powdery snow.

    the wooden plank coffee table with hair pin legs

    28. A wool rug that'll make you feel immediately cozier after letting your feet sink into its plush fibers.

    an off white rug with black cross designs on it

    29. A set of sheets with a 1,400-thread count that'll feel oh-so-wonderful when you crawl into them after a long day.

    a stack of sheets in different colors

    30. And a monogrammed Anthropologie mug your roommates or partner won't be able to steal from you — this one will be yours, all yours, for peacefully enjoying your morning cup of coffee.

    three mugs with different letters on each one

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