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    60 Cozy Clothing Items You May Need For Your Winter Hibernation

    "The cold never bothered me anyway," —Elsa, and you after buying all these cozy items.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A starry thermal top that'll perfectly accompany your next Tyra Banks–inspired sing-along of "Shine bright, shine far, be a star!"

    2. A pair of joggers that are both trendy and perfect for snuggling up in front of a fire (or that virtual one you can watch on Netflix).

    3. A sherpa pullover, so you can feel like you're living inside a big, fluffy cloud all day long.

    4. Vibrant slides your roomie will never be able to steal and try to claim as their own — they're one-of-a-kind.

    5. A ribbed chenille sweater for when your friends are coming over to use your Disney+ account and you want to look *slightly* put together but wouldn't dare wear anything that isn't snuggly and warm.

    6. A pair of fleece pajamas, so you can experience the utmost comfort while binge-watching The Great British Baking Show.

    7. A colorful Snoopy sweatshirt to add an extra element of fun to your standard Lazy Day outfit.

    8. A pair of classic Champion sweatpants that are pretty much guaranteed to stay in ~style~ until the end of time.

    9. A faux fur hoodie with a drawstring hem for when you want a more fitted look, even if that's very unlikely thanks to the dropping temps.

    10. A tie-dye Def Leppard pullover that'll nicely accompany the hardcore sing-a-long you usually have alone in your room to "Pour Some Sugar on Me." Yes, I know you play a mean air guitar.

    11. A basic beanie you can throw on as soon as you roll out of bed when it's way too cold to bother with an actual hairstyle.

    12. A pair of sherpa-lined joggers for the person who has always wanted to know what it feels like to be as warm as a baby lamb.

    13. A set of socks that'll have you exclaiming, "Are you kitten me?!" when you see how cute they are IRL.

    14. An embroidered sweatshirt that says "make my day" on it, essential for your winter storm wardrobe. I'd pair this with a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese and a binge-sesh of Queer Eye and call it a pretty great day.

    15. A casual jumpsuit that'll basically act as a socially acceptable onesie — you can thank me later.

    16. A long sleeve shirt starring the three new starter Pokémon, Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey, so you'll always have appropriate apparel for your weekend-long winter gaming sessions.

    17. A pair of wintry socks that'll keep your toes toasty on even the coldest of days.

    18. A waffle knit loose-fitting top with a stylish tie at the waist you'll be happy to lounge around the house in on a cold winter morning before venturing out to run errands.

    19. A Dunder Mifflin Paper Company hoodie Michael Scott (or anyone else from the Scranton team) would fight for in a White Elephant exchange.

    20. A basic V-neck you can wear under your favorite zip-up in preparation for when your roomie cranks the heat up WAY too high and you need to shed some layers.

    21. A one-piece thermal underwear jumpsuit you'll be happy you own come the coldest day of the year when your warmest sweater just won't cut it.

    22. Over-the-top furry slippers because at the end of the day you're a glamorous diva and your at-home footwear should reflect that.

    23. A pom-pom beanie hat so soft you'll never want to wear another hat again.

    24. A punny Sleeping Beauty tee you can gift to your yoga-loving bestie who is also usually late because they don't want to get out of bed (a habit which will get A LOT worse now that it's winter).

    25. A jersey long-sleeve funnel-neck shirt that'll transform you from a lazy lump on a log to a stylish socialite (and by socialite, I mean the one selfie you decide to post of you and your friends watching Mrs. Maisel on your couch and eating Cheetos because it's WINTER, PEOPLE).

    26. A cat sweatshirt you'll want to buy for yourself and all the fellow feline fanatics in your life.

    27. A pair of velvet leggings that'll say "I'm comfy, but I'm classy" whenever you wear them.

    28. A relatable long sleeve that is so spot-on you'll want to wear it every day as a reminder to society to leave you alone until spring.

    29. Beyond Yoga leggings you'll find to be freakishly soft and so nice you might not actually want to sweat in them but rather slip into them while reading a book at home instead.

    30. A rockin' skeleton sweatshirt so you can always be prepared if your favorite rock band suddenly drops a Netflix special.

    31. A pair of affordable boots lined with faux fur to treat your feet to the ultimate cozy experience.

    32. A fleece outer layer you'll quickly become invested in, because it's a fact that the more layers you pile on, the comfier you'll be.

    33. A splurge-worthy sleep set that'll have you seeing stars — it's soooo soft and breathable you won't want to ever wear regular clothes again.

    34. A sherpa sweater, so soft you'll want buy 10, cut 'em all up, and make a blanket out of them. But, like, don't do that.

    35. A plush fleece robe with a hood to create the illusion you live a lavish life of luxury all the time — not just when you're on vacation.

    36. Or an oversized blanket/hoodie combination you'd find a photo of next to "cozy" in the dictionary.

    37. A half-zip pullover with a chevron design and some carefully placed camouflage so you'll happily blend right into your surroundings and not speak to anyone until the sun comes back out.

    38. Or a galactic sweatshirt that is subtly out of this world, a must for wearing while watching SpaceX's rocket launches at random hours of the day and night.

    39. A blanket scarf you can wrap around your neck for warmth or unfold and use as a makeshift blanket on a whim.

    40. A sweater with cat patches on the elbows I'm sure you'll want to wear ~right meow~ because it's already too cold for anything else.

    41. Or a knit maxi sweater you can easily curl up inside for an extra layer of warmth.

    42. A fleece crewneck for the person who is always complaining they're freezing even when the heat is cranked all the way up.

    43. Or a plush sweater with a criss-cross in the back you'll need in your life if you're the opposite — a person who is ALWAYS hot. This piece will give you a little extra air to work with.

    44. A Twitch hoodie you can wear to represent your favorite place to watch folks like Summit1g and TimTheTatman (aside from your couch, obvs).