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    31 Cheap Things From Forever 21 You May Want To Buy ASAP

    Do I need another cute summer dress? No. Am I going to buy one? Yes, yes I am,

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A woven mini dress with balloon sleeves and a gingham pattern that'll give Dorothy a run for her money.

    2. Overall shorts with a frayed hem you can pair with your fave crop top or graphic tee for a casual but still put-together style.

    3. An iridescent mini backpack that'll let you channel mermaid vibes even if you, sadly, have to continue to walk on dry land.

    an iridescent mini backpack with long adjustable straps that looks almost rainbow colored in the light

    4. A fleece pullover for when you crank up the AC but still want to feel nice 'n' cozy while lounging on your couch.

    a person wearing a washed out blue sweatshirt with an orange and yellow design of mountains on it and the words "aspen"

    5. A mini dress covered in dainty flowers that'll make you want to twirl around in an empty field while scream-singing "the hillllllls are aliiiiiiveeeee with the sound of musiiiiiiic."

    a mini dress in a lavender color covered in white delicate daisy-like flowers

    6. High-raise paper bag shorts made of a lightweight rayon material so you won't have to worry about feeling like a sweaty mess all summer.

    7. A one-piece bathing suit you'll get tons of compliments on while you soak up some sun under a cloudless sky.

    8. A trio of seashell-shaped hair clips that'll add a little extra summery flair to the beach waves you *finally* figured out how to create.

    three seashell shaped tiny hair clips one is blue pink and white, one is pale pink, and one is entirely white

    9. A plunging button-front dress you can throw on for a chic Instagram-worthy photoshoot in your backyard. Smile, darling.

    a person wearing a cream colored maxi dress with fluttery sleeves and buttons all down the middle

    10. A tie-dye Sponge Bob sweatshirt you'd definitely have begged your parents for back in the day. Good news — you have your own money now!

    a person wearing a blue, pink, and white tie dye sweatshirt featuring the entire cast of sponge bob on it

    11. An embroidered romper to show off your love for springtime without straying *too* far from your standard all-black wardrobe.

    a person wearing a black romper with a tied bow that crossed beneath their chest to show a little skin, the edges are embroidered with colorful flowers

    12. A cute pair of ankle socks you'll want in your line-up if your summer motto is "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!"

    a pair of mint colored socks covered in pink ice cream cones

    13. Striped denim shorts, perfect for anyone who wants to mix things up and take a break from their same old summer jorts.

    14. An embroidered T-shirt covered in daisies that'll look adorable no matter what you decide to pair it with.

    15. Skinny cat-eye sunnies, because who wouldn't want to feel a *touch* more glamorous while driving with the windows down all summer?

    black cat-eye sunglasses

    16. A muscle tee that'll let everyone know what your *actual* motivation for that mid-day run is — the spaghetti dinner you've had planned all week.

    a person wearing a loose, white tank top that reads "will run for pasta"

    17. An acid wash denim jacket you'll look cooler than ever wearing on chilly evening strolls.

    a person wearing a somewhat cropped acid wash denim jacket with a neon colored gingham skirt

    18. An mini skirt featuring gorgeous floral embroidery and an A-line silhouette that'll probably become the prettiest item in your closet.

    a person wearing a white mini skirt with red and yellow flowers embroidered on it and a matching crop top

    19. Leopard print espadrilles you can throw on when you want a little extra height but don't want to risk an ounce of comfort.

    a pair of espadrilles with a straw-like platform, cognac colored straps around the ankle, and a leopard design across the toes with a scalloped cut

    20. A crinkled top that'll look *so* cute with those white jeans you've forever been trying to figure out what to wear with. Problem solved!

     a person sitting while wearing white bermuda shorts and a crinkled top that is boxy and stretchy on top, flares out on the bottom, and has thick fluttery straps. It has white small flowers on it and is a red-orange color

    21. A swimsuit cover-up featuring an all-over leafy print of oranges you'll probably take one glance at and say "welp, NEED."

    a person standing in a white two-piece bathing suit while wearing a flowy light pink cover-up with leafy oranges all over it

    22. A simple crop top that might make you want to sing "Here Comes the Sun" every time you catch a glance of yourself in the mirror.

    a person wearing a black crop top with thick straps and a non-cartoon like sun radiating from the middle of it

    23. A half-zip anorak you'll definitely get a lot of use out of since you can wear it on windy walks through your neighborhood or on a challenging hiking trail.

    a person wearing a pink and white anorak jacket with a draw string at the bottom and made of nylon material

    24. A maxi dress, a must-have for anyone who looooves vibrant clothing or simply wants to add a pop of color to their daily life.

    a person in black block heels standing in a doorway wearing a  t-shirt maxi dress with vertical colored stripes. The colors are orange, magenta, black, blue, white and green

    25. A ruffled scrunchie with a self-tie bow that'll transform your bad hair day into a playful one you'll want to take selfies of.

    26. A butterfly-filled cowl neck cami even your pickiest fashionista of a friend will agree is perfect for spring and summer.

    a person wearing a black cowl neck tank top with spaghetti straps and a design of various butterflies all over it

    27. A bright pink one-piece bathing suit with transparent straps you'll absolutely love if you've always wanted to go strapless but need more support.

    a person wearing a hot pink bathing suit with a high-cut bottom and clear plastic straps at the top

    28. A pair of leggings that'll look *purr-fect* whether you wear them to break a sweat or break your record for longest Netflix binge.

    a pair of leggings with an all-over leopard print

    29. A French terry sweatshirt to replace the one you've probably been wearing for weeks on end (please wash it and give it a break).

    a person wearing a blush pink sweatshirt with a think outline of a woman's face embroidered on it in an artistic, minimalist way

    30. A striped bodysuit with playful straps in the back, essential for anyone who is tired of trying to perfectly tuck their shirt into their jeans.

    31. And lobster-shaped earrings your roomie will be *clawing* to borrow from you.

    a single gold earring that looks like a lobster, it hangs and is a little smaller than an ear

    And! When you spend over $85 you'll receive 30% off your purchase. Just remember to enter the code "YEAH30"

    Happy shopping!

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