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    23 Affordable Kitchen Products That Make Excellent Gifts

    From an electric wine bottle opener to a Mickey waffle maker, these gifts are about to turn up the heat in your friend's kitchen.

    1. A spiralizer for your BFF who is constantly trying to turn every vegetable into a noodle.

    2. An electric kettle that'll help your pal whip up a ~spot of tea~ so fast even Queen Elizabeth II would applaud.

    3. A vibrant serving bowl your friend can fill with salad to really ~jazz up~ their next dinner party.

    4. A rapid egg cooker, available in a variety of beautiful colors, because the most important meal of the day is deserving of such detail.

    5. A 12-cup brownie pan that'll stop you and your roommates from fighting over the coveted edge.

    6. Pink oven mitts to go purrfectly with your loved one's already gorgeous kitchen decor.

    7. A mason jar that'll not only add some fun to any kitchen counter, but give it that country-chic feel your friend has been striving to create.

    8. Colored-coded knives anyone would love because they'll help keep things organized when preparing a big dinner.

    9. Or a set of non-stick cooking utensils you can gift your roomie to replace the spatula you accidentally melted while making pancakes.

    10. Playful cloth napkins your loved one will totally appreciate because they'd never think to buy them for themselves.

    11. A simple pastel cookie jar so your BFF's sweet treats won't get stale.

    12. Multi-colored mixing bowls, a must-have for any baker in need of some culinary inspiration.

    13. A pretty bread box that'll add a lil' ~somethin' somethin'~ to your friend's counter, even if they've sworn off carbs for the tenth time this month.

    14. Colorful canisters, because why not help your pal add a modern aesthetic to the way they store rice, cereal, or sugar?

    15. A Mickey waffle maker to bring the magic of your friend's favorite vacation spot into their kitchen.

    16. Or an adorable mini waffle maker that is so precious they'll want to channel their inner–Leslie Knope and use it every day.

    17. Gorgeous measuring cups, so stunning you won't even want to give them away because you'd rather admire their beauty in your own home.

    18. Copper-coated stainless steel utensils for a quick upgrade to the boring, mis-matched ones taking up space in their drawers.

    19. Or a 19-piece kitchen gadget set that'll prevent your chef friend from ever wondering where "where is my whisk?" ever again.

    20. A pasta machine with detailed instructions so your friend can FINALLY win their in-laws over with a homemade meal.

    21. An automatic pan stirrer with a timer, excellent for any aspiring chef who tends to get a little absent-minded while following a recipe.

    22. A five-piece set of kitchen tools in a variety of fun colors, because we all know everything is better as a miniature.

    23. And an electric wine bottle opener, perfect for gifting to the pal that constantly hosts you for Game of Thrones because you don't have HBO.

    Your loved ones bragging about the awesome kitchen gadgets you bought them:

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