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    24 Cheap Wedding Favors That'll Have You Guest Saying "Aww!"

    To have, to hold, and to make your guests say, "that favor was GOLD."

    So, you're taking the plunge! Tying the knot! Doing the damn thing! Getting hitched! (Feel free to stop me at any time.)

    Cross one thing off your wedding to-do list by checking out these fun (and affordable!) wedding favor ideas:

    1. A 100-pack of succulents in an assortment of pastel colors, perfect for any couple who wants to give a favor that doesn't ~succ~.

    2. And "let love grow" paper stakes you can customize with your initials to really make your favor memorable.

    3. Mini pumpkins that'll look gourd-geous stacked up and accessorized with a burlap gift tag.

    4. Packets of hot cocoa, so your guests can warm up after attending your ~super chill~ winter wedding.

    5. Or individual tea bags to put in a decorative pouch with a simple gift tag for a classy favor.

    6. Mini champagne bottles your guests can use to keep the fun flowing into the after party.

    7. Or custom labels to apply directly to mini bottles yourself (if you've got that kind of time on your hands).

    8. Handmade lavender and chamomile soap, so pretty and sweet smelling you'll want to hoard them all for yourself.

    9. Bubble wands with custom labels so cute they'll ~blow~ your guests away.

    10. Caffeinated couple appreciation mugs, so your family and friends can cheer "sip, sip, hooray!"

    11. A plantable notecard to print a "thank you" note on for your guests and encourage them to plant the paper in their gardens.

    12. Snuggly blankets that'll have all of your always-cold relatives jumping for joy instead of huddling for warmth.

    13. Mickey-shaped skeleton key bottle openers to add a magical element to your Disney wedding.

    14. Beachy cookies with you and your S.O.'s names written in "sand," because what guest wouldn't want to bite into this sweet treat after dancing the night away?

    15. Custom bags you can place next to a dessert bar so guests can take snacks home.

    16. Tiny glass jars filled with personalized M&Ms, so your family and friends will take a piece of you and your partner home with them.

    17. Classy marbled coozies for your guests to have, hold, and keep their drinks cold.

    18. A temporary tattoo of you and your boo that'll seriously confuse your grandparents, but have your friends giggling all evening.

    19. Heart-shaped bird feeders to encourage your family and friends to become one with nature after your wedding.

    20. Custom candles that'll light up your guests' lives as much as your partner does yours (aww).

    21. Stemless wine glasses, so your family can raise a toast to your marriage every time they open a bottle of red or white.

    22. Botanical match boxes that'll pair flawlessly with your boho garden wedding vibes. You're welcome!

    23. A horseshoe to bring luck to all who attend the "best day of your life."

    24. And mini bottles of hot sauce that'll scream "SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!"

    Your guests after they discover what an incredible wedding favor you've chosen:

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