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    32 Difficult Puzzles That Might Actually Keep You Entertained For More Than A Day

    "You want a piece of me?" —your new puzzle.

    1. An intricate 2,000-piece puzzle of Times Square in NYC to either fill you with happy memories of traipsing around late at night after seeing something magical on Broadway or remind you of the horrible decision you made to watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve.

    2. A circular puzzle made up of 330 geometrically cut wooden pieces — so stunning to look at you'll definitely want to cover it in glue and save forever.

    a circle puzzle of black forest trees and a starry night sky

    3. A challenging 1,000-piece gradient puzzle that'll take you more than one session to finish — you may want to throw it across the room, but you'll essentially be glad for the mental distraction.

    a pink to blue gradient puzzle

    4. A Simpsons puzzle featuring tons of characters from the show and 1,000 pieces to keep you company while you rewatch the many (many!) seasons.

    5. A 1,000-piece galactic puzzle for anyone who has spent the last year daydreaming about traveling to Mars with Elon Musk or listening to Ariana Grande's "NASA" on repeat.

    6. Or an intimidating circular puzzle of the moon that would leave Despicable Me's Gru muttering "the moooooon" to himself while he works on it after realizing he probably shouldn't try to steal the real thing.

    a circular black and white puzzle of the moon

    7. A 1,000-piece puzzle to help you *sharpen* your skills and get you back into this fun, but challenging, hobby,

    8. A Jiggy puzzle subscription, a must-have if you've been famously puzzlin' since before it was cool. You'll receive a new 500-piece puzzle every month.

    a colorful pile of puzzle pieces next to a pouch and a box showing what the puzzle is

    9. A 300-piece puzzle of a serene scene complete with a 30-day free trial of the Calm app that'll help you in more ways than one.

    a puzzle of a hidden waterfall

    10. A 1,000-piece puzzle for any bookworm who, oddly enough, has felt a bit burnt out on reading. You'll love staying true to your *personal brand* while taking on a different kind of mental challenge.

    a stack of puzzles featuring one of tall book shelves

    11. A puzzle filled with bright colors, so beautiful you might as well also buy it with a picture frame because you're gonna want to save it.

    the forest walk puzzle featuring a woman walking through an array of flowers

    12. A Jackson Pollock puzzle made of 1,000 pieces for any art lover who has been looking for a way to creatively spend their time without having to pick up a paint brush.

    13. A puzzle inspired by geodes with up to 160 pieces made of birch plywood you'll want to show off on TikTok — the process of putting it together is sure to be mesmerizing.

    a wooden puzzle shaped like a blue geode

    14. A 500-piece artichoke puzzle that'll let you enjoy your favorite food in an entirely new way.

    a puzzle of tomatoes, artichokes, and florals

    15. A colorful 1,000-piece puzzle you'll find so beautiful you won't be able to resist from tweeting about it.

    a puzzle half done of a colorful bird

    16. A puzzle with 1,000 pieces that'll delight anyone who likes to have their cake and eat it too — a perfect birthday gift, if you ask me.

    17. A uniquely shaped puzzle made of 700 pieces that you and your partner will declare as an elephant-astic way to spend a long weekend at home.

    an elephant shaped puzzle

    18. A 500-piece puzzle from Rifle Paper Co. that'll feel like working on a bunch of mini puzzles all at once — great for anyone who has been looking to mix things up from their standard jigsaws.

    19. An intense 3,000-piece Marvel puzzle starring all of your favorite animated superheroes — from the looks of it working on this may actually cause you to cry the same tears you did when watching End Game

    the marvel puzzle

    20. A circular 500-piece puzzle inspired by the 2017 Women's March you'll have a blast working on — it's filled with so many details and iconic ladies!

    the circular puzzle that's a collage of women's day activists and signs

    21. A puzzle of Cinque Terre made of 1,000 pieces to keep you busy while you daydream about the return of warmer weather and sunshine.

    a reviewer's image of the finished puzzle

    22. A mystery Alfred Hitchcock puzzle with 1,000 surprise pieces and no image to go off of — good luck with this one, you'll need it.

    the mystery puzzle with a bunch of images of alfred hitchcock on the packaging

    23. An 1,000-piece Edward Gorey puzzle with fabulous gothic vibes that'll match the darker mood of winter — the characters are also bundled up in some pretty fabulous coats that you may want to track down for yourself upon finishing the puzzle.

    24. A 500-piece puzzle featuring a rainbow of marbles you might think would be a breeze to complete if you separate each section out by color but surprisingly is more challenging than what meets the eye.

    25. An 1,000-piece Lego Minifigure puzzle that'll likely make your head spin — that's a looooot of yellow. Forget spending hours on building blocks, you'll be spending your time staring at a jigsaw of 'em.

    26. A road trip-themed puzzle with 1,000 pieces you and your siblings can work on together while reminiscing on all the places your parents insisted you travel to via mini van.

    27. A New Yorker cover-turned puzzle with 1,000 pieces that'll remind you about one of the positives of winter — you don't have to fight anyone for a prime spot to place your beach chair.

    28. A 1,000-piece puzzle to bring an entirely new meaning to the word "challenge." One look at this jigsaw made me say "that's just cruel," so I'm obviously going to buy it.

    a white puzzle filled with black thin lines

    29. A quirky puzzle made of 1,000 pieces that'll give you an excuse to sing "I'm blue da ba dee da ba di" while working on it.

    a puzzle showing a bunch of blue houses

    30. A set of four Disney puzzles made with 500 pieces each to bring some extra *magic* into your puzzling hobby — beware, these images are quite detailed!

    four puzzles depicting paintings of winnie the pooh, aladdin, the little mermaid, and beauty and the beast

    31. A personalized puzzle featuring the front page of The New York Times on whichever date speaks to you (your birthday, an anniversary, that time you met Taylor Swift), complete with 500 pieces to keep you entertained.

    the front page of the new york times as a puzzle

    32. And a puzzle roller you can use to safely put your work-in-progress away for the day when you finally call it quits and head to bed.

    the black puzzle roller with a puzzle on it

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