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57 Gifts To Help You Figure Out What To Buy The Teenage Girl In Your Life

If teens don't like perfume, jewelry, or video games....I'm going to have to give up.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

1. A set of LED light saber chopsticks for your younger sibling who is the Chewbacca to your Han Solo (and also happens to be who you get sushi with every Friday night).

2. A face wash foamer they can use to make the cleanser they're already accustomed to feel extra fancy.

The pink container with a pump top to fluff the cleanser and foamed up cleanser all around it

3. A stylish pajama set that'll garner them tons of compliments at their next slumber party and ensure they're nice 'n' comfy when lounging at home.

a model in light pink pajamas with vertical stripes

4. A four-pack of pizza socks they won't find ~cheesy~ at all when their toes are as toasty as a pie fresh out of the oven.

5. A dip powder kit so they can perfect their at-home manicure (and hopefully learn to give you one, too!).

6. A book about legendary ladies and their iconic fashion statements to empower the impressionable teen in your life and teach them a thing or two about awesome females.

the cover of the book with famous women in black dresses

7. A Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera for the teen who's always taking selfies.

8. An unofficial Harry Potter cookbook so the fan in your life can be a ~wizard~ in the kitchen, not just at Hogwarts.

9. A Baby Yoda night-light that, for lack of a better term, can become their *guiding light* as they make their way through the hallway in the middle of the night when they'll inevitably have to pee.

10. A graphic tee that'll be appreciated by their most stylish friend *and* the one who typically dresses up in a white tee and jeans.

Reviewer wears dark yellow graphic tee with line drawings of stylized faces on the front under a black cardigan

11. A Dungeons & Dragons starter set can let them and their friends finally live out their nerdiest gaming fantasies. Whether they want to lead the pack as a Dungeon Master or pretend they're a wizard for a while, anything goes!

a dnd book set and dice

12. And The World of Critical Role book for anyone who is infatuated with Dungeons & Dragons, the cast of the show, and, like myself, has taken the time to binge-watch their YouTube episodes.

13. Matte hair clips made to work with *all* hair types — yes, even if they've broken a hairbrush while trying to comb through their bedhead, they can rock one of these beauties!

14. A gorgeous guitar complete with a lesson app curated by Keith Urban — just be prepared to endure the sounds of their learning curve. I'm sure they'll be strumming like a pro in no time at all 😉.

15. A curtain of twinkle lights that'll make them feel like they've successfully redecorated their room even though their parents refused to let them paint the walls.

a reviewer's photo of the twinkle lights hanging behind their bed

16. A classic plaid blanket scarf to keep any beloved teen from whining about how freakin' cold they are.

17. A bracelet they might start considering their lucky charm when they see how it catches everyone's eyes — it'll also layer beautifully with all the others that already live in their stack.

a gold bracelet with gold discs all around and a half moon charm in the middle

18. A Dead Sea mud mask they can use to host a makeshift spa night with their friends. Fresh skin and an opportunity to post silly selfies? What more could a teen want?

19. An over-sized blanket sweatshirt to keep them company while they hibernate/watch endless television.

a dog wrapped up in the blue fuzzy blanket sweatshirt

20. A coffee table book about the history of Hyrule, they'd probably consider spending all of their rupees to get their hands on.

a dark green cover of the book with a symbols from the zelda game in the middle in gold

21. Ugg Classic Ultra Mini bootie to keep their toes nice 'n' warm and *hopefully* prevent them from bringing back last year's TikTok trend where everyone was cutting their regular-sized Uggs in half.

22. A fuzzy pullover from Skims Cozy Collection, so they can channel their inner Kim K when taking selfies (she is THE selfie queen, after all).

a model in a fuzzy half-zip brown

23. A chic faux-leather belt to act as the finishing touch on every outfit that just seems to be missing *something*.

a model wearing the black belt with gold buckle

24. A Glow Recipe set complete with a trio of Watermelon Glow Magic products that'll help hydrate their skin and also dress-up their bathroom vanity with a splash of pretty pink bottles.

the packaged gift set of watermelon glow magic glow recipe bottles and the three containers of product in front of it with a crystal ball next to them

25. A handheld light they will surely find themselves *mooning* over each night.

26. Mario Party Superstars for the Nintendo Switch; buy it for your teenage daughter or sister so you selfishly get to join them for hours of endless fun and competitive banter.

27. A bundle from Haus Laboratories, a sure to be appreciated gift for any beauty fiend who also worships Lady Gaga.

28. A bedazzled matcha ornament to gift to your favorite teen who never turns down an invite to grab a caffeinated beverage with you..

a glittering matcha drink-shaped ornament with "you mean so matcha to me" on it

29. A Christmas-themed coloring book they can use to peacefully unwind while listening to their holiday favorites — no screens needed for this brand of fun!

a reviewer's coloring page of colored in holiday items

30. A layered lock necklace that'll make styling their jewels for the day a cinch — excellent for anyone who is forever running late.

a model wearing the layered lock necklace

31. An Ariana Grande perfume inspired by her song "God Is A Woman" with top notes of pear and ambrette that might possibly cause the teen in your life to hit one of Ari's high notes when they open it.

the perfume bottle with purple accents and a grey exterior

32. A crewneck to help them express their entire mood — a skeleton sippin' on some coffee. It's just as relatable as it is comfortable!

33. A Kindle Paperwhite that'll be beloved by the bookworm teen who prefers to kill time by reading rather than scrolling through nonsense on Instagram.