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    27 Of The Best Comforters You Can Get On Amazon

    Prepare to have the sweetest of dreams💤

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A basic quilted comforter filled with plush microfibers that'll have you feeling as snug as a bug. You can use it as-is or use it to fill your favorite duvet.


    Promising review: "I was looking for a simple comforter, that wasn't too heavy, to go in my duvet cover. This one had good reviews, so I decided to try it. Honestly, I'm really happy with it. It's nothing super fancy — the fabric is fine. Not super silky or soft, but not rough, either — feels a bit brushed. It feels nice against the skin. It is pretty lightweight, but keeps me warm in the cold Iowa winters. I use it in a duvet cover, so I'm glad it isn't too heavy — I rarely overheat. The stitching seems good, and I appreciate that there are loops to tie it into place in the duvet cover. Overall, this is a very good comforter for the price. It's simple and basic, but that's really all most of us need. Keeps me warm without weighing me down. I would repurchase it." —M. Tacker

    Price: $26.97+ (available in twin, queen, and king sizing and four colors)

    2. A boho-styled comforter set with an elephant-astic look you'll love showing off to anyone who visits your humble abode.


    Promising review: "I really didn't have high hopes for this because the cost was so inexpensive, but the material is great and the design is adorable!" —tracykelly82

    Price: $39.98+ (available in twin and full sizing)

    3. A hypoallergenic comforter to make you feel like you're staying over in a 5-star hotel when you climb into bed each night.


    Promising review: "I've had this comforter for about eight months now and I'm just as happy with it now as I was when I first got it. I will say that it's not quite as fluffy as when I first received it, but it still just as warm and comfortable as it was in the beginning. The color has held up well and I haven't noticed any issues with discoloration and I wash it regularly and I don't use any delicate cycles or anything like that." —Ness

    Price: $32.49+ (available in twin, twin XL, queen, full, king, and California king sizing and 11 colors)

    4. A reversible comforter you'll love because it'll feel like you've purchased two new bedding sets instead of one! Who doesn't appreciate a good bargain!?


    Promising review: "Exactly what I was looking for! I live in Miami so I’ve always been looking for bedding that won’t capture too much heat or any at all. I’ve tried a bunch in the past but THIS IS IT. It’s truly lightweight and perfect to put inside a duvet. It lays pretty flat and isn’t puffy or thick. I just purchased all linen bedding and this comforter is absolutely made to be inside a duvet. The linen duvet I have has strings in the inside corners and THIS COMFORTER has little loops on the corners so the comforter can be tied to the duvet and never slide around. Genius! Maybe I’m new to the bedding world and missed this in the description, but It’s like it was meant for the duvet. Needless to say, it’s the only comforter/duvet insert I’d ever recommend to anyone needing something light, not too puffy or bulky, yet still keeps you cozy." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $39.99+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, oversized queen, king, oversized king, and California king sizing and seven colors)

    5. Or a stylish comforter for anyone looking to transform their bedroom into a trendy, Pinterest-worthy sanctuary.


    Promising review: "I was really attached to my last comforter so I didn’t know how well I’d adjust after moving in with my boyfriend to a new bed and new blanket set. This definitely took the lead on any comforter set I’ve ever had before! It’s cooling, which is nice for me at night when I get too warm, and it’s so beautiful so I’m proud to show it off when people come over. It’s also very comfortable wrapped around me as I drink my coffee in the early mornings. Great buy!!!" —Liz Chaudry

    Price: $59.99+ (available in twin, queen, and king sizing and 10 styles)

    6. A medium-weight down alternative comforter you can count on to keep your body at an ideal temperature while you sleep, whether it's the middle of winter or deep into the summer.


    Promising review: "This is the best comforter I've ever had. We have six kids. This thing has been through hell. Colored on with a PEN and chocolate milk spilled on it. I've washed it at least 50 times and it looks like the day I bought it every time it comes out of the dryer. I've bleached the heck out of this comforter and it's still just as pretty as day one. It is so easy to get stains out of it. I've never followed the washing instructions. I've always washed it in hot water and dried it on a regular setting. After the spin cycle in the washer it already comes out almost dry. Ten minutes in the sun and it'll be dry. I've tested it in so many ways. Very happy with it." —Christina

    Price: $46.89+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king sizing)

    7. A stunning comforter set for anyone who is looking to revamp their room without breaking the bank. It comes with a comforter, two standard shams, a bed skirt, and three decorative pillows!


    Promising review: "Beautiful print, lovely 7-piece set. A great addition which brings a calming and restful element to the room. Good quality and price. Speedy shipping, contents were all included, very happy with purchase. As others have noted, the primary colors are beige/khaki and shades of blue. Even better in person." —Lauren1276

    Price: $85.99+ (available in queen, king, and California king sizing)

    8. A luxurious goose down comforter made of 100% Egyptian cotton because sometimes we CAN have nice things.


    Promising review: "The down comforter arrived vacuum packed. As my daughter will be taking it to college with her in a very cold climate, she of course wanted to open it and check it out. We removed it from the package and wrapped it around my daughter. At first glance I thought it was awfully thin and light. Not for long! The more we moved it the fuller it became. It fluffed and filled out. It was heavenly and its weight was noticeable. It is a heavier down blanket which I prefer for sleeping — feeling nestled and snug." —Val

    Price: $109.95+ (available in twin, queen, and king sizing)

    9. A comforter set featuring a modern design you won't be able to get enough of. It comes with a comforter, two standard shams, a bed skirt, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, two pillowcases and a decorative pillow. Need I say more?


    Promising review: "We have washed the comforter several times now and have no complaints! As other people have said, the sheets are a little stiff, but nothing that bothered me. In fact, I feel like the sheets felt more crisp and clean. They have become a little softer after some washings with fabric softener, but like I said, it didn't bother me much before. I love the colors! We've had this set for about five months now, and I just really like it. We've had compliments on the design from people that have come to see our house. I'm happy with the purchase!" —Robin MS

    Price: $71.99+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizing and five styles)

    10. A three-piece reversible comforter set, perfect for satisfying anyone who often gets urges to redecorate their room but needs to stop buying new comforters every few months.


    Promising review: "This is the nicest comforter I have ever bought. I don't really care that it's reversible because that's not my jam but it is so pretty. The color is exactly the same as the picture. Literally exactly the same. The material is polyester but it feels much softer then you would expect. It's very very soft. Buy this comforter, buy it now." —Workout Dutchess

    Price: $37.61+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, and queen sizing and 10 colors)

    11. A simple comforter with loops sewn in that'll make attaching it to your favorite duvet a breeze. No more shifting bedding!


    Promising review: "My wife and I have owned quite a few down comforters over the years. We have spent over $300 on some of them and they all have had issues. We love down comforters but hated the smell, difficulty of cleaning and the stupid little feathers that inevitably end up EVERYWHERE! So my wife began looking at down alternatives and I was really, really skeptical that they would even come close to comparing to a true down comforter. Man was I wrong! This comforter is FANTASTIC!!!! I could not tell the difference between it and all of the true down comforters we have owned in the past. It feels exactly like them! It provides that cool yet warm comfort and quality of the more expensive down comforters yet its not down and is affordable! I honestly would not be able to tell it was down alternative if she had not told me. Very happy with our purchase and will never buy a true down again! Buy it and you can thank me later, seriously!" —Daniel

    Price: $59.95+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizing)

    12. Or a brushed microfiber comforter you can use to replace the current one you've likely had for WAY too long (yes, the one with all the pulled threads and faded colors).


    Promising review: "This is by far one of the best comforters I've had in recent years and the quality is top-notch. The packaging was exceptional and shipping fast. The comforter is fluffy yet lightweight and very soft to the touch. I have a queen-size bed but went up a size to a king size which is the perfect size I wanted. I highly recommend this comforter to anyone who's looking for very affordable and stylish comforter that'll just make your room pop with elegance. The design is timeless." —Steven Peters

    Price: $22.99+ (available in twin, queen, and king sizing and three colors)

    13. A gorgeous comforter with vibrant colors that'll actually motivate you to make your bed each morning. Imagine that!


    Promising review: "Beautiful comforter! Colors are so vibrant and eye catching. Nice, soft, and fluffy. Comes with two matching pillowcases. Shipped quickly. Please note the comforter comes shrink wrapped, so it will expand once you open it." —AKN

    Price: $49.99+ (available in twin, queen, king, and California king sizing and four styles)

    14. Or a comforter covered in banana leaves to make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation even when there's a blizzard outside.


    Promising review: "Soooo seriously soft. Bought for my brother and his wife to sleep on when they came in town. It was cheap, why not?!? Ended up being a great deal! I look good, they sleep good! Win, Win!" —Stephanie

    Price: $39.99+ (available in twin, queen, king, and California king sizing and seven styles)

    15. A seven-piece comforter set filled with a lightweight goose down alternative that won't leave you feeling sneezy or overheated. You're welcome!


    Promising review: "This comforter is just what I needed for my king bed. Its soft, light, and cozy, and easy to wash. Paired it with some coral sheets and I'm in heaven." —Emma Polk

    Price: $73.99+ (available in queen and king sizing)

    16. A reversible sherpa comforter you'll find SO cozy you'll cancel all of your weekend plans just to stay snuggled in bed watching Netflix.


    Promising review: "Just put this on my bed and knew instantly I was writing a review. This may be the best bedding I've ever purchased. It is super soft. Fits my bed super well, the pillow shams fit properly and are also super soft, and the material just feels like good quality. I even ordered some Amazon-brand microfiber sheets and oh my, I may have the best sleep ever. Just buy it. Trust me." —josica conrad

    Price: $47.99+ (available in queen and king sizing and seven colors)

    17. Or a similar set made with Micromink sherpa, so soft you won't know how you ever lived without it. It's reinforced with a classic box stitching and will stay nicely put on your bed.


    Promising review: "I bought this comforter as a gift for my elderly parents...they love it. My mom can't stop thanking me for purchasing this comforter for them. Mom says it is lightweight, warm, soft, washes well, and a dream to sleep under. I am glad I purchased this for I am their favorite daughter. Oh wait...I am their only daughter!!!" —Linda T.

    Price: $40.99+ (available in twin, full, queen, and king sizing and nine colors)

    18. A bed-in-a-bag set from AmazonBasics that would be a wonderful addition to any dorm room or guest room you're looking to spruce up a bit.


    Promising review: "I've been using this set (Twin XL version) for more than a year now and just thought I'd leave a review for those still on the verge of clicking that 'Buy Now' button. To you I say: 'BUY NOW!' If you're on this page you're probably looking for a cheap but decent-quality set that'll get you comfortable on a new bed (including those in college dorm rooms as in my case), and this set is PERFECT for that. Please note that if you're looking for super high quality linen that'll make you feel like a princess, this might not satisfy you — it spells more VALUE FOR MONEY rather than luxury." —Patrick King

    Price: $33.42+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, and queen sizing and 15 styles)

    19. A classic comforter set you'll be able to use for years and years without worrying it may go out of style.


    Promising review: "I love this comforter set. It's beautiful, luxurious, and a good value. The comforter is warm and cuddly on chilly mornings. The sewed pleats add a classy look." —Missue

    Price: $82.49+ (available in full, queen, king, and California king sizing and 10 styles)

    20. A seven-piece quilted patchwork comforter set that'll make you feel right at home as soon as you spread it across your bed. Highly recommend for anyone moving into a new house.


    Promising review: "Man, what a deal! You get everything you need here, except the sheets. I was SHOCKED to find a bed skirt in the box, too! I hadn’t read anything about that being included! The colors are beautiful, and the weight of the comforter itself is perfect. I’d thought it was going to be real poofy, but it’s not. I’m a cold sleeper who likes to burrow in covers, he’s a hot sleeper who likes light blankets, and we both love this set! The material is soft, so it doesn’t snag on rough things, like hands and feet. (Sounds gross, but you know you’ve been there. Don’t judge.) AND!, I ordered this on Wednesday, and got it on Sunday. I’d buy from this vendor again in a heartbeat! 24796% pleased!" —Amanda Lynn

    Price: $56.99+ (available in full, queen, king, and California king sizing and seven styles)

    21. A comforter set you can use to bring new life to your bedroom when you find yourself getting bored with your decor.


    Promising review: "I bought this comforter for my daughter in college. The value is unsurpassed by any other that I looked at and the quality is beyond my expectations. The diamond stitching is attractive and keeps the filling where it should be and the microfiber is warm and comfortable. The reversible capabilities are a plus even though I didn't consider it at the time. My daughter also has a puppy and the hair cleans off very easily from this fabric. I am planning on a purchase for my guest bedrooms at home as well since the comforter has proved itself over the last two months. I consider myself a smart shopper and look for quality in deals but this comforter is one of the smartest purchases I have made. No regrets!" —Chet

    Price: $39.99+ (available in twin, queen, and king sizing and 12 styles)

    22. Or a chic chevron comforter that'll inspire you to host a slumber part just so all of your friends can admire it with you.


    Promising review: "I don't normally take the time to write reviews, but I am so pleased with this product I had to share! The comforter set is exactly as described. It's bright and beautiful, and is exactly what I was looking for! I love the lovely blue. I bought grey sheets and they match great." —Kristi

    Price: $32.02+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizing and three colors)

    And check out the matching curtains!

    23. An ultra soft hypoallergenic duvet comforter set to make you feel like you're resting in a field of flowers from the moment your head hits the pillow each night.


    Promising review: "This duvet set is awesome! It is very very soft. It is easy to put on and wrinkle-free. We have washed it a couple times and it has retained its quality. I love the zipper closure over the button ones, a lot less hassle. Going to buy another set to have as a back up. I wasn’t expecting such great quality for the cheap price and ended up being pleasantly surprised!" —Alice

    Price: $24.99+ (available in twin, full, queen, and king sizing and 13 styles)

    24. A duvet cover set made of high quality microfiber material you'll quickly want to buy in another color to ~mix things up~ in your room whenever you want.


    Promising review: "I’ve had this set now for just about a month, it has been washed several times, and it’s held up BEAUTIFULLY! The color is a nice, rich gray, it is sooooo comfortable, all of the buttons are holding strong. This is a great item, and I’m still SO glad that I was able to purchase it!! If you’re thinking about purchasing this, it is WELL worth the price." —Jenne

    Price: $24.99+ (available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizing and 37 colors)

    25. A wrinkle-resistant comforter set that'll make your room look super neat and clean, even if you're hiding all of your dirty laundry under your bed.


    Promising review: "I was looking for a comforter for my son's bed and this is perfect. It's not super thick, but not super thin either. So far, it feels pretty warm. Washed it immediately with no problems — we're happy with it." —tasparks2

    Price: $33.77+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizing and 18 colors)

    26. A dreamy duvet cover set with a 4.8-star rating you won't be able to beat! It's available in a slew of neutral colors that'll definitely match your current room decor.


    Promising review: "I am normally not fond of duvet covers but I really like the way they look over big comforters. So I got myself a big fluffy down alternative comforter. It took me awhile to get the duvet cover on but thankfully there are ties. I have another one without them and it makes a big difference and kept me from giving up. The duvet is very soft, like a soft sheet. It looks and feels great and it fit very well with the comforter. My dog really liked it as well. I slept great! This pink is a lovely color, a bit muted instead of bright." —Grrrrrrll

    Price: $37.99+ (available in twin, queen, and king sizing and four colors)

    27. And a comforter with gold accents fit for royalty — it'll look absolutely regal while you binge-watch the next season of The Crown.


    Promising review: "Very good quality, soft, color as pictured, good fit as expected. My daughter redid her bedroom this summer and chose this herself. It was exactly as she wanted!! Would def recommend!" —Amanda

    Price: $52.90+ (available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizing and four styles)

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