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    Baby Yoda Products You'll Probably Want Before "The Mandalorian" Season 2 Arrives

    Face masks, scrunchies, a cross sitch, and so much more featuring the beloved Baby Yoda.

    With the return of The Mandalorian it's only fitting that we all fill our homes with as much Baby Yoda as humanly possible, don't you think? So join me on this journey through the galaxy of products we'll all probably have in our carts by the end of the hour.

    1. A Baby Yoda necklace that'll open up to reveal him nestled safely inside his pram and will quickly become your cutest piece of jewelry.

    2. Baby Yoda pajamas for everyone in your life — because why should you have be *the child* of the family to wear festive Mandalorian PJs?

    an entire family in green pajamas with icons of baby yoda and the mandalorian on it

    3. A box of Baby Yoda cereal that'll ensure you always have the perfect thing to snack on while watching him do his thing on screen.

    the cereal

    4. A set of scrunchies you can accessorize with to ensure Baby Yoda is properly appreciated not just when you're watching The Mandalorian but *all* the time.

    three scrunchies on arm

    5. A Chia Pet that'll let you raise your own precious foundling with love and care — just like Mando with Baby Yoda.

    6. A Baby Yoda made of merino wool — so soft you'll probably want to buy one for every Star Wars fan in your life.

    a model holding the woven, soft baby yoda in their hand

    7. Or Target's 11-inch Baby Yoda plush doll will make you want to drop everything and dash for your credit card faster than the Millennium Falcon jumps into hyperdrive.

    8. Baby Yoda–inspired green tea you can brew before settling in to watch the newest episodes.

    a tin of tea with baby yoda on it and the mandolorian

    9. A Baby Yoda PopSockets PopGrip, because you're probably going to want to live tweet all of your feelings whenever he comes on the screen so it's best to have a secure grip on your phone.

    10. Or an OtterBox case that'll protect your phone the way Mando does Baby Yoda.

    the phone case with mando and baby yoda on the back

    11. A Loungefly backpack you'll want to fill with snacks before you head over to your friend's to watch the latest season of The Mandalorian.

    a backpack designed to look like baby yoda is sitting in the back of it

    12. A MagicBand decal featuring "The Child" so you can customize the standard (free!) one you'll receive for staying at a Disney hotel. Galaxy's Edge here we come!

    Baby Yoda print MagicBand decal

    13. A Baby Yoda "brew buddy" that'll attach onto any reusable straw and keep you company while you fill your body with *the force* (coffee, duh).

    14. A rubberized bracelet starring none other than your favorite Star Wars character (sorry Chewy) so you can keep him close to you at all times.

    a model holding a black rubberized bracelet with baby yoda on each rubbery beady

    15. Or a charm of "The Child" to add to your Pandora bracelet, so dainty and subtle it'll be great if you're a little shy about your obsession with Star Wars.

    16. A Baby Yoda mask that'll make you clap with delight each time you catch a glance of your own reflection.

    a model wearing a white mask with various illustrations of baby yoda on it

    17. A 4.5-foot tall inflatable Baby Yoda holding a Mandalorian helmet shaped like a pumpkin, guaranteed to help you win over your neighbor's affections.

    inflatable Baby YOda yard decoration

    18. A "The Child" Funko Pop to keep you company at all times. Beware: you may break out into uncontrollable giggles because it's just that cute.

    baby yoda in a tiny pouch

    19. Build-a-Bear's version of "The Child" features realistic baby sounds that'll leave you cooing and bouncing him on your hip like, well, a child.

    20. A Baby Yoda cross-stitch kit beginners can use to learn a new skill while listening to the epic score from the films. Sounds like a delightful day if you ask me!

    a cross stitch of baby yoda with the words "yo da one for me"

    21. A pack of Baby Yoda stickers to add to the coveted collection that lives on your laptop or water bottle (or uh, every surface in your home).

    22. A Baby Yoda spirit jersey, because if given the chance to choose who you get to watch the new season of The Mandalorian with I'm sure it would be this adorable lil' force-filled guy.

    23. A Baby Yoda "influencer" tee that'll make you (and anyone who sees you) squeal with delight — he's so freakin' cute it's the only appropriate reaction.

    24. A playful stand you can use to transform your Amazon Echo Dot into Baby Yoda — gadgets deserve to get in on the fun, too.

    an amazon echo dot in a case that makes it look like it has baby yoda ears

    25. A Tervis tumbler featuring the iconic scene where Baby Yoda adorably sips from a cup of soup, bound to bring a smile to your face even when you accidentally burn your tongue on your tea.

    the tumbler

    26. A glass Pyrex container with a lid for when *you* want to enjoy some soup while watching Baby Yoda and Mando explore the galaxy.

    the glass bowl covered in cute drawings of the child

    27. Lego BrickHeadz figures of "The Child" and Mando that'll look great when placed together on your coffee table before your viewing sesh of the new season.

    the two lego brick figures

    28. Or collectible toys you won't need to build, in case you want a cute companion but know you don't have the patience to create him from scratch.

    29. A pair of socks that'll keep your toes as cozy as Baby Yoda when he's snuggled up inside his pod.

    tall socks with an animated version of baby yoda on them

    30. Baby Yoda-themed Monopoly, because if you're going to spend hours upon hours playing a board game it might as well feature your favorite creature in all the galaxy.

    the baby yoda board game

    31. A Mandalorian-inspired tea box that'll ensure your favorite beverage will be on hand for you to whip up right before diving into a new episode.

    32. A Hallmark Keepsake Ornament of "The Child" in their pod, a must-have for anyone who wants to pay tribute to the one of the very, very few things that has brought us joy this year.

    the ornament hanging from a tree

    33. A limited edition Mandalorian Polaroid camera and film, so you can integrate your love for Baby Yoda into *all* your hobbies. Why not?

    the camera with the mandalorian logo on it and a picture with a baby yoda frame around it

    34. A Baby Yoda dishwasher magnet to help you remember whether you have a clean plate to eat your chicken nuggies on or not.

    one side of a magnet is blue with baby yoda on it and the word "clean" the flip side is grey with baby yoda on it eating a frog and the word "dirty"

    35. A tiny Baby Yoda you can magnetically attach to your shoulder and carry around with you whether you're snuggled on the couch watching Disney+ or headed out for some blue milk.

    a model with baby yoda on his shoulder

    36. And a Mandalorian parody prayer candle to guide you and your beloved Baby Yoda through the darker episodes of the series.

    the candle

    Me, trying to summon my credit card from my wallet without actually getting up:

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