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    36 Beauty Products You'll Probably Pat Yourself On The Back For Buying

    I support your decision to treat yourself to yet another lipstick you probably don't need but deserve.

    1. A two-pack of teeth-whitening pens with a natural mint flavor that'll leave your mouth smelling fresh while you work on achieving that mega-watt smile worthy of a Hollywood star.

    2. e.l.f Cosmetics hydrating camo concealer designed to last 16 hours so you'll never have to fret about your under-eye circles again.

    3. An eight-piece set of mini Drunk Elephant products that'll give you a chance to discover which is worth the full-size investment and create a rainbow of color in your medicine cabinet. What could be better?

    4. A hair-finishing stick in case you're the kind of person who can't leave the house until your flyaway baby hairs have been put in their place.

    5. Acne-absorbing cover patches that'll blend in with any skin tone and are gentle enough for any skin type, so you can go about your day without worrying that it looks like you're growing a second head on your face.

    6. Glossier Boy Brow, because your brow game may just be the most important thing you work on in 2020.

    7. Clump-free mascara with a lightweight and long-lasting formula that'll have people asking if you recently got eyelash extensions. Joke's on them!

    8. An exfoliating lip brush to remove any dry skin from your precious pout before applying lipstick.

    9. A hydrating argan oil hair mask that'll refresh your dry or damaged hair and give yourself an excuse to spend your Friday night at home.

    10. Tarte shape tape contour concealer you've likely been eyeing for months and will be so happy to finally test out.

    11. Velvet blending sponges to replace the one with caked-on concealer you've likely never cleaned / have been using for FAR too long.

    12. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate will become your go-to if you're a night owl — use the dropper to apply it all over your face before you hit the hay so your skin looks super-refreshed in the a.m.

    13. A set of 16 Dermal Korea collagen sheet masks so you won't ever have to fret about whether you have a quality mask on hand after a particularly stressful day when you're looking to unwind.

    14. La Roche-Posay gel cleanser to assist in conquering your arch nemesis: acne. It's made of a salicylic acid that'll target blackheads and whiteheads directly. See ya', pesky pimples.

    15. A Triple Threat Color Stick from Thrive Causemetics that'll probably become the most important thing in your makeup bag — it can be used on your lips, face, and body!

    16. A MakeupEraser cloth you'll wonder how you lived this long without after seeing how it magically takes ALL of your makeup off with just a few swipes.

    17. A high gloss from Kylie Cosmetics you can use to replicate your favorite of the young billionaire's Insta-looks while admiring her ever-stunning packaging.

    18. A universal nail polish bottle handle from Olive and June you'll want if you love doing your own nails but are forever struggling to do your opposite hand as beautifully as your dominant one.

    19. A bottle of Mavala Stop with a bitter (but harmless!) taste to help you not only kick your cuticle-biting habit, but leave you with gorgeous long nails. You'll have Cardi B–like claws in no time!

    20. Watermelon Pink Juice Oil-Free moisturizer you can count on to smell fantastic and leave your face feeling refreshed after the first application — it also doesn't hurt that the color of the lotion is ~pretty in pink~.

    21. A hair scalp massager that'll quickly become your favorite shower accessory. You can use it to exfoliate and deep clean your scalp while applying your shampoo — it's a game-changer.

    22. A limited edition Beautycounter lipstick with edgy packaging you'll probably like as much as the vibrant color of the actual lippie.

    23. A supercharged vitamin C serum to help protect your skin against UV rays while also repairing damage that was already done. You won't think twice about adding this into your daily beauty routine.

    24. A set of six pastel nail polishes and a top coat so you'll be more than prepared to create flawless spring manis.

    25. Gold under-eye collagen masks to wear while prepping your morning coffee to de-puff after you "accidentally" stayed up all night bingeing Love Is Blind on Netflix.

    26. A John Frieda Hot Air Brush for anyone who looooves to get pampered with a blowout but can't actually afford to get one every week.

    27. Docolor Eyelash Comb to ensure you never have clumpy, stuck-together lashes like Madison from The Bachelor (sorry girl, I'll totally buy you one!).

    28. Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal 2-in-1 Face Scrub and Facial Cleanser Stick will exfoliate your dead skin cells, treat breakouts, and remove your makeup thanks to the charcoal, tomato, avocado, and coconut oil extracts it's made of.

    29. A Milani powder blush shaped like a rose to add some color to your cheeks and some floral fun to your makeup collection.

    30. An LED lighted compact mirror you can pop out of your bag to glamorously powder your nose or fix your lipstick.

    31. A Sunrise Service face mask from Loops Beauty that'll help you start your day off on the right foot.

    32. Glossier Cloud Paint, which will add a touch of color to your cheeks with a quick swipe of lotion-like formula. The packaging is reminiscent of Pantone color cards adding an artsy chic element to your makeup bag!

    33. Turquoise tweezers to ensure your brow game is always ~on point~ and that you'll always be able to find them in your messy makeup drawer.

    34. A NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil you can use on your lash line, lid, or corners of your eyes for an easy pop of color. Just like *that* you'll be able to take your look from day to night!

    35. An exfoliating body scrub and body wash to leave your skin silky, smooth, and refreshed with floral packaging that'll transform your tub into a garden escape.

    36. And a mesh body exfoliator from Luv Scrub with so many uses you'll want to spend more time in the shower than ever before. You can use this unique piece of material to dry brush your skin, exfoliate with your fave body wash, and remove ingrown hairs.

    Applying your new beauty products in the morning like:

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