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    25 Beach Towels You'll Want To Show Off All Summer

    Beach accessories should not be limited to just sunnies 'n' sandals!

    1. A two-pack of classic striped cabana towels you share with the lucky pal who agrees to spend the day soaking up the sun with ya'.

    2. A tie dye towel, perfect for lying on while you groove out to your favorite soundtrack.

    3. An oversized towel you'll be able to wrap your entire body up in like a human burrito to protect your skin from getting fried.

    4. An ombré towel, so stylish everyone else will want to ~sea~ it.

    5. A flamingo towel that'll have everyone on the beach ~flocking~ to you to say how cute it is.

    6. A towel with an chic all-over print you'll feel like a zen goddess lounging by the pool.

    7. A purrfect towel you can keep in your trunk or bag for when you want to drop everything and head to the beach.

    8. Or a compact microfiber towel that'll prevent unwanted sand from sticking to you when all you want is a FREAKIN' MOMENT OF PEACE AND QUIET.

    9. A oceanic towel to give you a solid reason to shout "IT'S TURTLE TIME!" like Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York.

    10. A personalized towel that'll let you ~express yourself~ through the power of words even when you're napping in the sun.

    11. Or a vibrant towel you can customize with your initials so no one can try and steal it at your next pool party.

    12. A beach towel that is so gorgeous, you'll consider using it in your living room as an actual rug.

    13. A patriotic sea horse towel you can use to elevate your gear at any Fourth of July pool parties.

    14. A four-pack of velour towels that'll assure you always have one on hand — even on laundry day!

    15. A towel that is ~pretty fly for a cacti~ and will look fantastic in your poolside pics.

    16. A round towel with tassels all around the edges to add some ~sass~ to typically boring beach gear.

    17. A Harry Potter towel you can get comfortable on while attempting to reread all the novels in one vacation.

    18. A towel that is trendy and will get the message across to ~leaf~ you alone while you're trying to get a tan.

    19. Or an intense shark towel that'll inspire you to start humming the Jaws theme song (and scare everyone else sitting around you).

    20. A fun towel you can ~sprinkle~ into your beach bag, so you ~donut~ have to ever worry about having something comfortable to sit on in the sand.

    21. An avocado towel, so you'll be ready to ~guac 'n' roll~ as soon as the first hot day comes around.

    22. A super absorbent microfiber towel to quickly dry you off after you get out of the pool — no more walking through the house while still dripping wet!

    23. A towel that'll fill your insatiable craving for a Dole Whip until you get back to Disney World.

    24. A destination-themed towel from Lilly Pulitzer you can use to represent your fave vacation spot no matter where you are.

    25. And an "It's Britney, Beach" towel to pay tribute to the Pop Princess' iconic one-liner.

    When your friends ask if you want to go to the beach this weekend:

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