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    38 Baby Products For The Parents Who Already Have Everything

    You might *think* you have it all, but there's always just one more exciting baby product to add to your stash.

    1. An Oogiebear tool that's confusingly kinda cute even though its purpose is *a bit* gross — to remove earwax and boogers safely from your little one. 

    a tiny blue tool with a hook on each end attached to a bear shape

    I use this little tool to remove boogers from my son's nose (which he absolutely hates). It's not an easy task because he's VERY squirmy, but the Oogiebear definitely helps make the process go a bit more seamlessly. Absolutely recommend.

    Promising review: "I mean does my child love it? No. But does it take less than a second to use and get the boogers I'd expect Shrek to possess and not my 3-month-old baby? Yes it does! He's happy as soon as it leaves his nostrils, which again only takes a second. And it's easy to clean!" —Kaitlyn Spires

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95

    2. Too-cute teethers shaped like fruits you'll adore because they're BPA-free and can be frozen to truly help soothe your tyke's gums. Run them through the dishwasher to freshen them up after they've been covered in drool.

    Promising review: "These are the best teethers!! My baby loves how easy they are to hold. The stick really helps her have a good grip so she can bite down even more! Plus, the different fruits have different textures! Also love how you get several different teethers. AND, love that they are made of food grade silicone because they are easy to clean/sanitize! Such a great deal for the price! We loved them so much that we got a set for her younger cousin because teething isn't fun! Added tip: stick them in the fridge for a cooling sensation for baby!!" —Rebecca

    Get a set of five from Amazon for $9.99.

    3. A portable play mat that'll double as storage for your tot's favorite toys — a must-have for any parents who are constantly on the go with their baby in tow.

    a mat with toys on it that can be bunched up for clean up
    a whale print bag storing a play mat

    Promising review: "LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This mat is a great buy and must have for new parents. We were going over to my in-laws almost every weekend for a while and I wanted something I could put down on the floor and fold all of our babe’s toys up in. This play mat bag seemed almost to good to be true. The material is sturdy and great. It’s breathable too so it works wonders for tummy time. The fabric is durable, but comfortable for our baby. The design is adorable too, I have received so many compliments. I just hang this on the door handle of her closet and we grab it and go anytime we are going to be somewhere for a day. I imagine it will be great for traveling too. Now I don’t have to stuff a small lightweight blanket in the baby bag for floor play, this mat bag does it all!! We love it. It would also be a great gift for new moms." —MRS

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in three styles).

    4. car seat buckle release tool to save both your nails and your precious time! No one wants to struggle to open those (thankfully) extremely secure buckles while they're kiddo is hitting a pitch that could likely break glass.

    The red tool
    reviewer's gif of the unbuckle tool in action
    Amazon, Chandni Reddy / Buzzfeed

    This gadget doesn't attach to the car seat, so no need to fret about kiddo's unbuckling themselves while you're driving.

    Promising review: "Love that my kindergartner can unbuckle himself. It makes morning school drop-off SO MUCH EASIER! And he likes the independence of being able to do it himself!" —Lauren

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in five colors).

    5. A FridaBaby medicine dispenser syringe you'll pat yourself on the back for buying when you discover your tyke actually despises medicine. This beauty doubles as a pacifier and will make giving them their recommended dosage with ease.

    A syringe with a pacifier medicine dispenser
    Another view of the pacifier-style medicine dispenser

    Promising review: "This thing is worth its weight in gold! A must have in my opinion because it makes life so much easier. We use it with gripe water or Tylenol around her immunizations. We bought it because she would cough and sputter because she wouldn't swallow well when given it in the cheek even in tiny amounts. It makes it a much faster process because all she has to do it suck like using a normal bottle or paci, and she has never turned away because of taste either. It also happens to soothe like a regular paci afterward. Great buy." —Sullivan

    Get it from Amazon for $12.84.

    6. A pack of child-safe charger covers, so when you're not trying to revive your forever-dead phone you won't have to worry about your baby gnawing away on the rogue wire.

    Geddy's Mom is a small business that develops gadgets to keep baby safe and clear of things that could hurt them.  

    Promising review: "Every parent of young kids needs this! This is a really cool little gadget that gives me the peace of mind that one of my little ones won't decide to put a charger in their mouths while I have my back turned. It is definitely my new go-to for baby shower gifts. The design is super cute and easy to use. Just snap it over your charger when you are done charging to protect your family!" —AV

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $12.95 (available in four colors).

    7. Light switch dimmers, perfect if your kiddo's nursery doesn't have room for a small lamp. You'll be able to keep the lights down low as to not agitate them or encourage them to fully wake up when they need to eat in the middle of the night.

    two white dimmer switches

    Promising review: "I hooked up two of these without any issues! They work great! I would definitely buy them again if I ever needed more dimmer switches." —B. McNeil

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in five styles).

    8. rubber ducky thermometer that actually will make bath time lots of fun! Your tyke will love playing with it, and you'll love knowing the water is *just right* at all times. Win-win.

    a rubber duck thermometer in a tub

    I have this lil' gadget, and it's great! I discovered, upon having a baby, that I actually had no idea how hot my bath water was. This helped me keep the water temperature in check to make sure it was safe for my little one. And — it's super cute!

    Promising review: "This duck simultaneously makes me and my kid happy. She loves playing with it in the bath and I love being able to get an up-to-second read of her water temperature. It's great, set it and forget it." —Michel

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99 (available in three styles).

    9. A high density foam guard to prevent any unnecessary bumps and bruises your baby might do their best to acquire — soften up your coffee table's sharp edges, the wooden backboard of your changing table your tyke ALWAYS wants to slam their head on, and every other piece of furniture in your home while you're at it.

    A rolled up brown foam bumper with corner protectors
    reviewer's image of the brown tape installed on their brick fireplace

    The set includes 18 feet of edge guard and 8 corner cushions, capable of covering 20.4 feet of surface area. Also, comes with 3M double-sided tape (36 feet of tape for the edge guard), while the corner guards are pre-taped.

    Promising review: "Great product that saved my son a trip to the ER! Funny story, when I installed these to cover my fire place brink corners I did so only to stop the nagging of my wife. BUT not 10 minutes after finishing the install did my son come up to the fire place and trip falling head first into the foam covered brick corner... THANK GOD I finally listened to my wife! Instead of a trip to the emergency room, he just bounced off of the foam and went about his business unharmed!" —Chris Y.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.47 (available in two sizes and three colors).

    10. Magnetic locks you won't need to be a handy man to seamlessly install — you stick 'em in and then use a provided magnet to lock/unlock your cabinets as needed. Easy peasy.

    Display image of all the product offerings
    reviewer's video showing them opening the drawer with a magnetic key

    The set comes with locks (with strong 3M double-sided tape on the back) and two keys.

    Promising review: "These are awesome! I spent hours with a drill and screwdriver installing push down locks on cupboards five years ago. I now have another crawling baby, and those ones are all broken. I was dreading installing new ones and saw these. They literally go on in seconds, the bracket means it lines up perfectly, and the adhesive is strong! My older kids think the magnet key is super fun. Baby stays out of the chemicals, and I put one on the trash door so the dog stays out of the trash so everyone gets to live longer. Win-win. I also love that you can 'turn' them off and on so when my kids are bigger we can flip the switch but if little kids were visiting, we could put them back on."Joseph J. Krakker

    Get a set from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in five quantities).

    11. A suction toy that'll keep your tiny monster, I mean, child, entertained while you shovel your dinner down your throat (yum!). They'll be able to chew away on it, fight to try and remove it, and play with the rings happily.

    editor's baby playing with an orange suction toy
    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    I picked this toy up on a whim at a local toy store and am so glad that I did! My son is a busy, busy guy and finding ways to keep him entertained while my husband and I (quickly) eat dinner has been a challenge. This toy, from Fat Brain Toys, has been such a help. We bring it everywhere with us! It has a very strong suction so he can't immediately fling it across the room. It's definitely one of our diaper bag must-haves,10 and I'll certainly get it for other new parents in my life.

    Promising review: "Bought this as a high chair toy to buy me time in the kitchen. Sticks well to both Stokke tray and Inglesina tray. My 6-month-old loves to rattle it, shake it, bend it, chew it. We also throw it in the diaper bag for the car since it’s small enough. Worth the money." —kc9

    Get it from Target for $9.99 (available in two colors).

    12. A pack of corner guards to ensure your wild child doesn't accidentally hurt that adorable little head of theirs while trying to cruise along any surface they can pull themselves up on.

    reviewer's photo of a clear guard placed on a glass table corner
    The same guard being pulled off, stretching until it releases

    Promising review: "Must-have. I love these. We just moved in with family, and they had a coffee table with super-sharp corners and I have a little one who pulls up on everything and is trying to walk. To say I was on edge is an understatement. My sister-in-law didn’t want an obnoxious babyproof item around her house, but these were so discreet she didn’t even notice that I had installed them. They are so soft that my little one started gumming on them to soothe his gums, LOL. They were super easy to install, stuck on very well and with not much effort, and came with plenty so if I need them I’ll have them handy. Super satisfied! If you’re thinking about getting, them please do!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $14.98.

    13. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy that'll entertain your fussy babe with catchy melodies by the likes of Mozart, Vivaldi, and others as well as exciting and twinkling lights.

    reviewer's photo of the toy lit up
    reviewer's photo of their baby holding the toy

    My son received this as a gift around the holidays and it's, surprisingly, fantastic! It's really a simple toy, but he enjoys playing with it *all* the time. He loves the sounds and the lights while I personally like that it's not HUGE (so many musical toys are very bulky). It's been a great toy option for the car thanks to its size.

    Promising review: "The best baby distractor EVER! Every person with a child must have this toy! I had about five tucked in various places in case one got lost. My son loved them from basically birth, and sometimes it would distract him for hours of not crying! (Heaven for a new mother.) Of course, in the beginning you have to keep pushing the button for them, but compared to swinging him in his car seat that was easy! Then when he got older, he would spend entire car rides just playing with this one toy. I give it to everyone I know who has a baby." —NH-Mommy

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    14. A shopping cart cover to create a barrier between your kiddo and all of the unseen germs lurking around — certainly can't hurt and will also prevent them from, literally, sucking on the cart itself (babies are wild).

    a baby sitting in a grey shopping cart cover with white stars
    a baby sitting in a grey shopping cart cover with white stars
    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    I have this for my son (pictured above) and am *very* glad that I do. As you can see from his first time in a shopping cart at Target, all he immediately wanted to do was chew on it — which is disgusting and germy! The cover protected him from sucking on unknown grossness...thankfully.

    Promising review: "Love! I was in the market for a nice shopping cart cover. My newest baby definitely is one that puts everything possible into his mouth, so a shopping cart cover was a must this time around. It's easy to unfold and fold up. A little tricky to put on the first time, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. It seems to be fairly padded. Covers a standard Walmart cart thus far. I believe it will work for high chairs as well. I do wish it came with its own toys. I would definitely recommend for children who are comfortable sitting up on their own." —Alicia

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in three styles).