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    If You’ve Been Searching For A Dog Waste Bag That Doesn’t Suck, You May Want To Try These From AmazonBasics

    Prepare to scoop poop in style from now on.

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    If you're a pet owner, chances are you've had the traumatic experience of going to pick up their poop only to discover a moment too late that your month-old supermarket bag had a hole in it.

    The Walt Disney Company

    Yep, you touched dog pop.

    Unfortunately I've been there and it's GROSS, but there's a solution = actually giving in and investing in designated dog waste bags. Meet AmazonBasic's dog waste bags and leash clip dispenser ($9.99+).


    It is a small but mighty accessory you'll be SO glad you invested in.

    More than 8.8K pet owners have taken to Amazon to write positively about these baggies — so you know they're the real deal., Amazon

    "The Amazon bags are my favorite, a basic black color, which helps to conceal the contents and they came packaged in a nice frustration-free box. More importantly, they feel thicker than the other two brands I've been using. The thicker feel makes them seem more secure to me both for picking up the waste and for tying and carrying. Another plus is the printed up arrow with text 'open this end' which helps avoid the struggle of trying to open the wrong side of a bag while hanging onto dog leashes." —Bichon Mom

    "I never knew picking up dog poop could be such an amazing time. As soon as I took one of the black plastic bags from the wonderful included clip, rainbows exploded from my dog and it was basically Mardi Gras in the dog park." —Craig

    Puppy parents seemed wowed by the fact the bags say "open this end" on them — and I get it! There's nothing more annoying than fumbling with a bag only to discover it opens on the opposite side you've been struggling with.,

    "It is a very thick waste bag. I love the fact that it has an arrow to show which side to open. Before this bag, I was using a very flimsy one and I have to struggle to open it every single time. When you have a puppy on leash and he just takes a dump wherever he wants, you just want to eliminate the evidence as fast as you can. You really don't want to struggle to figure out which end to open the freaking bag!! You would wish to get some water somewhere to help with the grip — moisten it by licking your own finger? I would rather spit which I hate also, but I would NEVER lick my finger. I thought of it really grosses me out. This bag has been great in terms of sturdiness and easy to open." —M Ko

    "These bags are very sturdy, and a tad larger than those brands I bought from retail stores. I like that I cannot see through them, and they are thick enough so I am not bothered by the feel of picking up my dog's waste. They are long enough so tying a knot in the end is easy and hassle free. I like the printed arrows indicating which side is open." —kia

    They also enjoy how thick the bags are and that they aren't transparent — no one wants to show off that they're carrying dog poop.,

    "This is the third time I have ordered these bags; so I have used 1800 bags without any problems... easy to open, no tears, large enough, thick enough to hide the you-no-what, perfect." —Jay In Mecosta

    "Yes, I'm writing a review about poop bags...these bags are great. They have just the right amount of thickness, and they are the perfect size (I have a 65 lb. dog Golden retriever). Regarding the size, I can bag two poops with one bag, ACCOMPLISHMENT! If you live dangerously, you can attempt to collect three poops in one bag but proceed with caution. The bags open easily in one hand, which is important when you are holding a leash in your other hand. They are opaque for you those that appreciate the discreetness of walking around with a bag of poop in your hand. These are a little bigger, a little thicker, and open easier than all of the previous bags I have purchased. Amazon has knocked it out of the park with these poop bags." —Bdaddy

    And don't even get me started on the convenience of having a roll dispenser that can be attached to any leash. Amazon customers LOVE this feature — no more fretting that your once-secure baggie has fallen out of your pocket during a walk.,

    "I love the convenience of having a roll dispenser attached to the leash so I always have them with me and am never that evil person that doesn't pick up after my dog. These are such a good deal that I can afford to use these to pick up other dogs' poo that I see out on the trail. We have a lot of coyotes out here that leave their stuff all around too." —P. Harry

    "Our Whipador faces down the requirements of nature in a small side yard on an urban campus in Colombia. To complicate matters only slightly, much larger guard dogs that prowl our campus at night appear to have developed a predilection for our yard as their latrine. As I noted, they are large. My short morning stroll becomes too often a moment of discovery. Enter these dog waste bags with their ingenious little leash-borne dispenser. They come tightly wound into rolls, fit nicely in a pocket when the leash and its dispenser are not in action, and in general help me adjust to my newfound intimacy with dog poop in the least shattering way possible. Honestly, I hardly mind the task any more. *When* were these invented? *What* did we do before that? I shudder to think on it." —David A. Baer

    The dispenser is also really easy to fill! You can fit up to 15 bags in it at a time, so you can even offer a baggie to another pet parent in need.


    Do you hear that? It's good karma coming your way.

    You can buy (or subscribe to!) these bags in sets of 270, 300, 540, 600, 810, and 900 from Amazon starting at $9.99.


    That's A LOT of bags and A LOT of walks! Your pup is going to be so excited!

    You'll honestly never find yourself on a walk without a waste bag again.

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    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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