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13 Things Never To Say To A "True Blood" Fan

If you don't have something nice to say about Eric, then it's better not to say anything at all. Check out the new season of True Blood premiering on Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m., only on HBO. #TrueToTheEnd.

1. That Alcide isn't that hot.

2. That Eric Northman isn't actually a little bit sweet.

3. And also totally charming.

4. That Maryann isn't completely terrifying.

5. That you don't wish you were Sookie, even just a little bit.


6. That Bill should have ended up with Lorena.

7. That Lafayette isn't the most fun person in Bon Temps.

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8. That Sarah Newlin isn't totally the worst.

9. That Andy Bellefluer isn't a good parent... don't be fooled by first appearances.

10. That you could ever win a fight with Tara.

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11. That Jessica isn't a total babe.

12. That Jason wouldn't actually make a pretty good boyfriend.

13. And, most of all, that Bill and Sookie don't belong together.