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14 Reasons You Wish You Had A Maker

"I wanna do bad things with you." Which vamp do you want to be your maker? Check out Season 6 of True Blood, available on DVD June 3.

1. Because getting bitten like this has always been your secret fantasy:

2. They teach you sweet tricks — like glamouring people.

3. They're a role model that will always be at least 30% cooler than you.

4. You inherit super-hot "siblings" you can actually hook up with.

5. You have someone to save you every time you're in trouble...

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6. ...and someone to listen to you when the going gets tough.

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7. You form an unbreakable bond with them in life and in death.

8. And they're essentially biologically wired to be obsessed with you.

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9. You can always feel when you need each other.

10. They hold you accountable for your bad behaviors.

11. But they also wish the best for you.

12. They can be alive for centuries, but they'll always keep you on your toes.

13. They don't allow you to put anything but your best self forward.

...Well, sort of.

14. And the only way to be unbound from them is with these words: