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19 Reasons Why Pam Would Be The Best Maker Ever

If you could choose your vampire parent, there'd be no contest. She's perfection, she's a new mom, and she's all over True Blood Season 5, now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download.

1. Pam will make SACRIFICES:

2. And when you're her progeny, she'd almost start liking you:

3. It takes a lot to surprise her:

4. You'd learn how to stop people with just a finger (and not even the middle one):

5. She'd teach you to control your emotions:

6. Unless it's about something that really annoys you:

7. She'd give necessary doses of tough love:

8. You'd learn to deliver some amazing death stares:

9. When it comes to the bar, no one could run it with more fierceness:

10. And you'd get lessons on being a witty bouncer:

11. With Eric as your grandfather, you'd be born into some serious greatness:

12. Priorities would be taught:

13. Want to learn how to cry like a beautiful rockstar? Just watch Pam:

14. She has over a century's worth of experience in perfecting a wardrobe:

15. But don't get too obsessed with it because then she'd give you attitude:

16. If you do something truly fantastic, the reward is tongue:

17. She's kinda new at hugging, so you'd have something to teach her:

18. Messing with her is one of the worst mistakes:

19. Because most importantly, she's a protector (though she may roll her eyes about it):