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11 Questions That Only A Vampire Could Answer

More immortality, more wisdom. And to get some of that wisdom, the True Blood cast (vampire and otherwise) will be answering questions on HBO on June 19th, 8:45 p.m. ET/PT. Submit your unanswered wonderings to and learn #secretsfromtheset all Sunday.

1. How does it feel when everyone is uploading pictures of sunsets?

2. If you cry too much, do you get thirsty?

3. Is there an app you use to get blood delivered?

4. How do vampires from New Jersey tan?

5. Do y'all have a special, vampire social network?

6. Do you ever worry about bloodborne pathogens?

7. Batman: friend, foe, or poser?

8. How often do you change the sheets in your coffin?

9. What are the drink specials like at Fangtasia?

10. Do you find being that pale limits your fashion options?

11. Has immortality made you a more confident dancer?