10 Ways We’ve Had To Bring Our Parents Into The 21st Century

We’ve had to teach our parents a lot over the last few years. Like, did they even know they could watch HBO anytime, anywhere? HBO GO was right there the whole time!

1. We taught our dads how to forward an email, so they no longer asked us to fax a printed message to someone new…

2. …and clarified that you can still send emails to someone who uses a different provider.

3. We exposed our parents to a world of apps they could use on their iPads…

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

4. …and explained that a pound sign is still a pound sign, and a hashtag is something completely different.

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

5. We tried to show our moms how to properly upload a photo.

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

6. …and got them active on social media.

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

7. We helped our parents decipher internet slang…

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

8. …and patiently explained “memes.”

9. We translated and corrected them when they asked if we liked that band “After Funk”…

Photoshot / Everett Collection

10. …and we unleashed beasts when we told our parents about selfies, and they took them to a whole new level.

James Lamon / BuzzFeed

Like they say: Give a parent HBO GO, and you feed them for a day; teach a parent to HBO GO, and you feed them for a lifetime.

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