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The Best Moments Of Game Of Thrones Season 2

The battle for the throne in Westeros has become an all-out war, and kings are dropping left and right. But some of the season's most shocking moments came in between the fighting. Check out a few of our favorites in GIF form.

Season 2! We finally caught up with what all of our favorite characters from Season 1 were up to.

And we made some new friends.

The Watch began their journey north with a visit to Craster's Keep, and Craster didn't exactly love Jon.

Sam continued to be hilarious.

Dany bonded with her new babies.

Joffrey continued his reign, but he was still being owned by Tyrion.

Cersei continued to be a boss too.

Renly also fancied himself a king.

And Stannis. Kings everywhere!

Don't forget the King in the North.

King Robb was crushing hard on this one girl.

Grey Wind got pretty big, as a captive Jaime Lannister discovered.

Theon got punked by his sister, and he was NOT happy.

Arya just got more and more lovable and rocked a new haircut.

Gendry was cute when he found out who Arya really is.

But her real new bestie is Jaqen.

We finally got to hear this gem.

And this gem.

Tyrion really didn't take crap from anybody.

Shae taught us some valuable life lessons.

Sansa really knows how to properly sass the higher-ups in Joffrey's court.

Jon's journey north didn't end so well.

Dany's dream in the House of the Undying was pretty nuts.

And The Battle of Blackwater was insane!

Tyrion's speech at the crux of the battle was inspired.

And at the very end, we got our first glimpse of a White Walker, in the (dead) flesh!

It all makes sense!

We don't have nearly enough room for all the awesome moments. You'll have to go back and watch it again before season 3! Season 2 of Game of Thrones, available now on Blu-ray™, DVD, and via iTunes!