9 Lessons Learned From HBO Dads

Being a father isn’t easy. Here’s some lessons we’ve learned from our favorite fathers on HBO—though we certainly wouldn’t recommend putting them all to use. Join us in celebrating Father’s Day, June 16, on HBO!

1. If you don’t like who your daughter is dating, send ‘em to Kazakhstan.

HBO / Entourage / Via fratology101.tumblr.com

2. Or beat him up.

HBO / The Sopranos

3. If your girlfriend’s pregnant, it’s probably a good idea to try to make it work.

HBO / Sex and the City / Via http://Everett

4. If there’s a chance you might get brutally murdered, you should probably tell your kid that she’s a fairy.

HBO / True Blood

5. Just because he’s your adopted father doesn’t mean he’s not really your father.

HBO / Game of Thrones / Via speak-mellon.tumblr.com

6. Even if it’s not YOUR kid, sometimes you have to sacrifice a doll’s head to help out another child.

HBO / Curb Your Enthusiasm

7. If you brand your son with a hot poker, he’s probably going to end up with an anger problem. Or two.

HBO / Boardwalk Empire / Via blowingupbabettes.tumblr.com

8. Value your honor above all else.

Via http:/ / HBO%20/%20Game%20of%20Thrones
HBO / Game of Thrones

9. Being a vampire “dad” is like being a human dad. Kind of.

HBO / True Blood

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