Ricky Gervais’ Best Stand-Up Routines

We know Ricky Gervais for hosting award ceremonies in Hollywood, his incredible podcast, and for his rivalry with Steve Carell over which version of “The Office” is better. But what really helped launch Gervais’ career in comedy was his stand-up. Check out some of his best routines from his past tours, and tune in to watch “The Ricky Gervais Show” Tonight at 9pm, Only on HBO.

1. On Why Leprosy Is Still Worse Than Obesity

2. Praise For Deb And Jen On Making Their Website, "Deb And Jen's World Of Knowlege"

3. On His Favorite Safe Sex Leaflet

4. On Overweight Women Who "Still Try"

5. On How He Challenged His Teacher's Belief That "All Religions Are In The Bible" When He Was 8

6. On Just How Much Termites Weigh Down The Planet

7. On What The Two Birds Said To Each Other As They Were Climbing Aboard Noah's Ark

8. On Illustrations That Depict Homosexuality In Animals

9. On The People Who Take The Time To Make Public Restrooms So Miserable

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