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11 Alternative Ways To Say "I'm Not In The Mood"

Sometimes it's hard to be in sync! Just ask Brett and Michelle in the new HBO comedy, Togetherness! Catch the series premiere Sunday, January 11 at 9:30 p.m.

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1. "I'm just so very gassy."

2. "I have a song stuck in my head that I hate but also love."


3. “Babe, I got waxed earlier, and I’m still sticky.”

4. “Work has been a total mess lately, and I have too much on my mind to take a trip to Pleasure Town, USA.”

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5. “I’m fully consumed with Game of Thrones right now, and I can’t do anything until I find out what happens to Tyrion.”

6. "The kids are awake and involved in some kind of shenanigans, I can tell!"

7. “I think I'm sick. There’s, like, a 98% chance it’s only allergies, but let’s not risk it.”

Jess Mendes / Courtesy of Kayelee Rodriguez

8. “Sweetie, the dog is looking...”

9. "You just got off the phone with your mom. It doesn't feel right."

10. “My planets aren't aligned.'"

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11. “I think I’m allergic to the lotion you just put all over your body.”

Watch Togetherness, premiering Sunday at 9:30 p.m.

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