Results Of Your HGTV Addiction

Because we all have one…

1. Anything less than top of the line appliances becomes a ridiculous idea

High end stove or nothing!

2. You have removed ‘real estate agent’ from your list of potential future careers

For real, like all the people skills in the world aren’t enough to handle some of these clients

3. This is your favorite family on TV

Who needs the Kardashians when I can watch marathons of these guys?!

4. You seriously begin to think that $300k + is a normal price for a house

What do you mean the house I live in only cost $100,000?!

5. You get all your decorating ideas from the various shows you watch

Look out IKEA! Here I come!

6. You wonder how a full out fight hasn’t happened between a homeowner and Hilary on ‘Love It or List It’

It’s like every episode she gets angry because the homeowners are asking for too much

7. House Hunters International has made you seriously consider an overseas move

Then you realize you have no money. Then you wonder how the people on their can afford $2,000 a month rent in London while also being a student.

8. Or maybe you will just move to Canada


9. You seriously begin to wonder whatever happened to the garden component of the ‘Home & Garden’ channel

Finding a house show… buying a house show… million dollar house show… remodeling your house show… no garden show

10. You look like death in the morning

11. When it comes down to it you know that you just can’t quit HGTV

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

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