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My Friends And I Make Broadway Character Rubber Ducks And Deliver Them To Actors And Now It Has Become Sort Of A Thing...

What started as a small joke has become a growing social media presence called "Ducking Up Broadway" and the actors behind the characters are getting just as into it as we are.

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One day at work, I was running a program where we had people decorating plain white ducks with permanent markers. Of course I had to make my own, and of course because my mind is always on Broadway I ended up with a "Hamilduck." From there, I ended up being able to see Hamilton and my friends told me to make ducks for the whole cast. I did this and delivered them at the stage door of the show that night. From there, my friends and I have started a mini-revolution of creating ducks based on Broadway characters and delivering them to actors. This is how "Ducking Up Broadway" was born.

One year ago today the very first (very mediocre) Bway Duck was made (not for the purpose they hold today, but for…

Via Twitter: @bwayducks

Yeah, that original Hamilduck was a little rough...

When members of the original cast of Hamilton received their ducks, they had a myriad of types of reactions...

Instagram: @bwayducks / Via Instagram: @bwayducks

Those original Hamilton cast ducks also all had yarn hair, and endeavor that left my hands covered in super glue and stuck together. Needless to say, most of our ducks now get their hair drawn on.

From there, two friends and I started realizing the positive reaction these ducks got and decided to start making more ducks and delivering them when we went to shows or mailing them to the theatre.

Instagram: @bwayducks

This was the whole original set of Hamilducks.

Pretty soon, actors and actresses started posting their own photos of their little ducky twins!

Instagram: @laurabenanti / Via Instagram: @laurabenanti

Laura Benanti and her She Loves Me Duck has been one of our biggest responses so far.

The duck face has become a go-to pose when taking pictures with Broadway Ducks.

"Motel Duck"! Thank you @bwayducks 👏

Via Twitter: @AdamJKantor

Adam Kantor and his Duck On The Roof.

Instagram: @jessicavosk

Fiddler on The Roof has shown us a lot of love.

Instagram: @queenlesli

Lesli Margherita also showed some duck face love for Mrs. Duckwood over at Matilda!

We have even gotten some ducks into the hands of actors known beyond the Broadway stage!

Instagram: @bwayducks

Jesse Tyler Ferguson was "fully committed" to his duck.

Sometimes the ducks recreate Broadway photoshoots...

Instagram: @bwayducks

Look at this ducking recreation of the two unlikely lovers over at Falsettos.

Instagram: @bwayducks

And this rent throwback (yes Anthony and Adam have both received their ducks).

Yeah, they get photoshoots on their playbills as well.

Instagram: @bwayducks

Moral of the story is we are having a ducking awesome time making these little friends, the actors seem to like them, and we have an ever growing fan base.

Instagram: @bwayducks

Come follow the duck revolution with Ducking Up Broadway! Follow on Twitter and Instagram to see our ever growing family of ducking creations.

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