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10 Things That Happen When You Read Harry Potter For The First Time As An Adult

Wondering why it took you so long is just the start.

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1. People stop giving you 'that look' because you are no longer a Harry Potter virgin

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I mean you now know that it is "Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa" so you are pretty much a pro.

2. You wonder how they ever allowed children to read these books

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All this time you thought this was just a series of children's books but then you realize that it is so much more. There is death. Like, a lot of death.

3. All those joke you never understood before now make sense / Via Warner Bros. Pictures

"What happens to Barty Crouch Jr. when he drinks?"

"He gets a little Moody!"

4. You are no longer the only person in your college dorm who can't join a conversation about everyone's favorite wizard

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But then you realize you are no longer in college and you wish you started reading sooner.

5. You start making Harry Potter references in everyday conversations and wonder how you lived without this wit

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The next time you are watching 'House Hunters' and you see storage under the stairs you can knowingly yell, "Harry's bedroom!"

6. You gain the right to rant about the ways in which the movies vary from the books

Where was the quidditch storyline in Prisoner of Azkaban? or S.P.E.W? / Via

Where was the quidditch storyline in Prisoner of Azkaban? or S.P.E.W?

7. Suddenly you realize why everyone has always wished they were a wizard / Via Warner Bros. Pictures

I mean once you get past the whole 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' thing, what isn't there to love about the wizarding life?

8. You can finally revel in the beauty of this... / Via

Oh hey Darren...

9. All in all, you just realize that there has been a huge gap in your life for so many years and you feel really dumb for having not taken the plunge before this

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Everyday after you have finished reading you think to yourself, "How did I convince myself for so long that I didn't need this in my life?"

10. And finally, now YOU get to criticize people who have never read Harry Potter

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Even if it is a little hypocritical of you... it is for their own good.

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