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Heartbreaking: Most Baby Carrots Will Never Grow Up To Be Adult Carrots

Your snacks have an impact on more than your health.

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It's a tragedy that you'll never hear about in the mainstream media. It's a tragedy on a scale that's almost incomprehensible to the human brain. Each year, hundreds of millions of baby carrots are brought into this world and almost none of them will grow up to be healthy adult carrots.

We turn a blind eye. We go about our days like everything is okay when there are literally hundreds of millions of baby carrots who will never know the joys of becoming an adult carrot. Just think about that for a moment. Look at that number as a number.


You could fill every stadium in the world, field to press box, with that many baby carrots. It's the equivalent of 100,000,000 #2 pencils or 100,000,000 poodles.

Look at that number again? That's the number of baby carrots who will never grow up to get a job or learn to drive or get married and have baby carrots of their own.

No. Instead, most baby carrots will be dipped in hummus or swiped through a glob of ranch dressing before being unceremoniously munched upon. Their lives are cut short before they ever have the chance to grow into full, healthy, strong adult carrots.

And some baby carrots will never even be afforded this devastating luxury.

Some baby carrots will be heaped next to a few sticks of celery, a small plastic tub of bbq dipping sauce, and a steaming hot meat-lovers pizza from Papa Johns. And they'll be left there humiliated, as college students, with their sweaty faces and chubby fingers, pick up slice of pizza after slice of pizza only to discard the baby carrots into the trash.

It's an embarrassing fate for any creature of this earth. But these are babies! Baby carrots that will never grow up to be adult carrots because we allow disgraces to befall them thousands of times everyday without so much as batting an eyelash.

Baby carrots. Innocent and pure. Ignorant of the destruction that heads toward them at such a young age, years before they grow into strong, contributing adult carrots. They'll never be given the opportunities afforded to other, more fortunate fruits and vegetables, like kale and peaches.

I am guilty of this too. I looked the other way when friends menacingly snacked on a handful of baby carrots, cutting their lives so short of adulthood. But I've changed. Hopefully, next time you see a baby carrot, you'll think differently too. Because if we as a society don't change, how much longer will we have baby carrots, so cute and filled with the hope of living a full life?

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