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    The PR Pitch Book, As Told By Mean Girls

    And on the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, we created The PR Pitch Book.

    Those of us in PR are in it to win it.

    But, let's be honest, sometimes we just need to vent.

    Say you pitch an exclusive to a reporter...

    ...and you anticipate every possible question about the news...

    ...but the reporter wants nothing to do with it.

    So you try a reporter you're friendlier with.

    During the media briefing, everything is on the record...


    And when you anticipate coverage, this happens...

    ...or your client is misquoted...

    ...but the story is already in print.

    Meanwhile, your client's biggest competitor made the front page of The New York Times.

    And you ask, "How much can one PR professional take?!"

    So if you're in PR and feel like this sometimes, keep your head up and listen to Kevin G.

    Because it's not always a lost cause...

    ...and at the end of the day, we're all rockstars.

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