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    18 Reasons Why You Should Work At HB

    We're a quirky bunch. If the following makes you smile, maybe you should consider working with us.

    1. We take fruit out of the fridge to make more room for beer.

    2. HB buys lunch for all employees once a week because full employees are happy employees.

    3. All employee birthdays are celebrated with birthday bagels because BAGELS.

    4. We bring our dogs to work!

    5. We are highly dedicated to laughter.

    6. If you have an idea, you're encouraged to go for it.

    7. We are always experimenting and learning new things.

    8. Our dress code falls somewhere between Hart and Boillot.

    9. Our office doubles as a golf course.

    10. We play music that ranges from the Despicable Me soundtrack to John Legend to Missy Elliott.

    11. We review our design concepts on the Intensity Floor.

    12. We have an open-plan office, which makes it super easy to eavesdrop on everyone's conversations!

    13. Yoga pants Fridays is a thing. Yoga on Fridays is not (yet).

    14. We keep candy in the liquor bottles and the liquor in the supply cabinet. Just don't ask us where the pens are.

    15. HB West has a view of Mt. Tom.

    16. Our CEO killed a rabid fox with a croquet mallet... he'll happily share this story with you.

    17. We tell job candidates why we'll never hire them.

    18. Our team is not above practical jokes. Or selfies.

    So are you interested in working with us? Visit our careers page to learn more about open positions at HB!

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