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London to New York in 2 hours is one step closer: Creation of super-tough ceramic material that can withstand 3,000 degrees C could pave the way for hypersonic aircraft

Scientists created the heat resistant material for use in hypersonic flight It can withstand heat up to 3,000 degrees C (5,400 Fahrenheit) The ceramic coating is composed of zirconium, titanium, boron and carbon

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Scientists have created a new kind of ceramic coating that could pave the way for hypersonic travel for air, space and defense purposes.

The finding could allow for the construction of a next generation of aircraft capable of travelling at 3,800 miles per hour (6,2000 km/h) or faster.

This would enable journey times from London to New York to be cut to just two hours, by racing to the edge of space before dropping back toward the Earth.

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