10 Things You’re Bound To See In JOFEE

What coffee is to your morning, JOFEE is to the Jewish people. (It’s Jewish Outdoor, Food, and Environmental Education.)

1. A Casual Dress Code

Casual Friday?

2. Big Beards

We like big beards, and we cannot lie.

3. A Bus on Top of a Bus

Nothing says environmental like a vehicle that uses twice as much gas as a regular car! (Don’t worry, this one runs on veggie oil.)

4. Goat On Parade

Enough said.

5. Food that's Kosher and vegan and gluten-free and soy-free and…

6. Young Jewish Farmers, Changing the World

…by making babies

7. The Most Loveable Colleagues

8. Homemade Everything

kimchi. pickles. jams. yogurts. gefilte fish. kombucha. You name it, there’s a JOFEE participant whose making it at home - and probably one whose selling it.

9. Jews in Spandex


10. Seeds Of Opportunity

There’s something happening here. We know it. You know it.
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