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Brits Are Freaking Out About WTF Trump Thinks The UK Actually Is

"Also, Lucky Charms come from Ireland. Which some say is part of Great Britain, but really is imaginary. Nobody knows this. Only me."

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At a rally in Pennsylvania on Thursday, US President Donald Trump made some very bold statements about the geography of the UK.

"I have great respect for the U.K. United Kingdom. Great respect. People call it Britain. They call it Great Britain. They used to call it England, different parts." (via Fox)

To break that down: The UK is Britain. Britain is Great Britain. Great Britain used to be known as England. But only certain parts of it, apparently.

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This is, in fact, wrong. And people decided it was their duty to alert the president.

@kylegriffin1 @realDonaldTrump The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is comprised of four nations: Scotland, Wales, England = Great Britain. Northern Ireland is the northeast corner of the island of Ireland, and is part of the UK.

@kylegriffin1 Word salad, all untrue. FACT: Great Britain doesn't equal United Kingdom, it is PART OF the UK FACT: United Kingdom isn't called Britain. It's called the UK FACT: England didn't used to be called anything but England. All parts.

Someone even drew a helpful diagram for him.

The fact that Trump had removed a whole three countries from the equation didn't go down too well.

@kylegriffin1 "They used to call it England, different parts" - tell that to Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland 🙄

Especially given that his mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was actually born in Scotland.

@kylegriffin1 Must sting to be hated by the UK, Britain, Great Britain and all its different parts. I notice he doesn’t mention my home country, Scotland, which has a special depth of feeling for him.

Some wondered if he even knew that Ireland was a real place.

@MollyJongFast @kylegriffin1 "Also, Lucky Charms come from Ireland. Which some say is is part of Great Britain, but really is imaginary. Nobody knows this. Only me."

Others questioned what the world would actually be like if Trump's geographical theory was accurate.

@kylegriffin1 US High School Geography test: Q. Which European country does the prime meridian run through? My British son A. England Geography teacher: England isn’t a country, it’s the UK, marks answer as wrong.

Accurate translation of me telling the examiner where I’m from in my French oral GCSE

And the conclusion is...

@kylegriffin1 Make Americans Geographers Again

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