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    These Irish People Are Flying #HomeToVote In The Abortion Referendum

    "Cost of flights from Hanoi to Dublin: 800 euro. Length of journey: 20 hours. Chance to #repealthe8th: PRICELESS."

    People are travelling thousands of miles from around the world to vote in Friday's abortion referendum in Ireland.

    I'm coming #HomeToVote ! Will be traveling 5,169 miles from LA to Dublin and will be thinking of every Irish woman who has had to travel to access healthcare that should be available in their own country. Let's do this, Ireland! #repealthe8th #VoteYes

    They're voting on whether to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the predominantly Catholic country's constitution, which makes abortion illegal under almost all circumstances.

    Cost of flights from Hanoi to Dublin: 800 euro. Length of journey: 20 hours. Chance to #repealthe8th: PRICELESS. #hometovote #Together4Yes

    Some people are making an epic journey all the way from Australia.

    #hometovote from Queensland to Dublin. Arrived in today and worth it. Drinking Lyons tea at 5am with jetlag. #repealthe8th #togetherforyes #hometovote #trustwomen #8thref

    Went out leafleting tonight with a woman who I’ve canvassed with for weeks now, she had her daughter with her #hometovote from Australia and tomorrow her son flys in from Barcelona. They are #TogetherForYes

    One woman even cut her honeymoon short to be there.

    Too brief of a honeymoon, but I'm #HomeToVote and hopefully #hometorepeal Ready for the Ireland I deserve, you deserve, everyone who has ever faced the same journey as me alone deserves. We are not criminals, we need this, we WILL repeal this.

    Here they come folks. #hometovote #togetherforyes

    Voters on both sides of the long-running debate took flights home from the UK.

    Boarding flight to go #HomeToVote from London. Hopefully a travel route for healthcare that’ll become a thing of the past when we #repeal this amendment! #TogetherForYes

    #hometovote Im in the airport in london now,going home to vote no. #VoteNo #NoToMurder

    So many voters are heading home that people used Twitter to organise lift shares.

    Pushing my luck a bit but if anyone is driving from Derry to Buncrana around half 3 on Friday please give me a shout! #VoterMotor #HomeToVote #TogetherForYes @ARCDonegal 🇮🇪

    I can’t vote (lived abroad too long). I haven’t canvassed (I live in London).I haven’t been shouted at, spat at, had doors slammed in my face. I *can* offer lifts to Heathrow/ London City airports on Friday AM. #HomeToVote #Repealthe8th *for Savita & all Irish women*

    Others offered to help out anyone who couldn't afford to get there.

    #hometovote If anyone in the UK has a flight on Friday that they are no longer using from ANY of the London airports, Southend or Birmingham - please let me know. Happy to pay the name change fee, really want to get home to vote to #repealthe8th

    Irish working in the UK: if there is anyone who can fly home to vote on Friday but doesn’t have the money, please DM me - I will pay for your flights home as I can’t come home myself. #HometoVote #Repeal8th #TogetherForYes

    Polls open on Friday morning and close at 10 p.m.

    Hello Ireland my old friend, I've come to talk again... I'm emotional, exhausted, but ready to pay witness to this historic day. #together4Yes #voteYes #hometovote

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