Meghan Markle Just Used Her Influence To Remind People How Vulnerable Street Sex Workers Can Be

    "I have an idea."

    Earlier this week, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry visited a sex worker charity and helped pack some lunches.

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    The Bristol-based charity One25 helps women leave sex work. During the visit, the couple helped staffers pack lunches for the women the charity works with, many of whom have faced violence, poverty, or addiction.

    While there, Markle decided to write uplifting messages for those women on the bananas that go inside the lunch boxes.

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    "You are special." "You are strong." "You are brave."

    "Do you have a Sharpie marker?" she asked people in the room. "I have an idea."

    'I'm in charge of the banana messaging.' Meghan explains what inspired her to write personal messages to street sex workers on fruit

    "I saw this [school lunch] programme this woman had started in the States ... on each of the bananas she wrote an affirmation or something to make the kids feel really empowered," she said.

    "I thought it was the most incredible idea — this small gesture."

    Her inspiration may have come from a cafeteria manager in Virginia, who writes notes for her students every day.

    Why this school cafeteria manager has gone bananas: The kids love it

    Stacey Truman told the Washington Post in November that she does it because she wants the children to "succeed in life and have an awesome day at school".

    When asked if Prince Harry would also write a message, Markle laughed and said: "I'm in charge of the banana messaging."

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    "Your handwriting is much better than mine," he added.

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    The CEO of the charity, Anna Smith, later tweeted and thanked the royal couple for "shining a light on vulnerable women who ... are much misunderstood".

    Thank you to Meghan and Harry for making it through the snow and shining a light on vulnerable women who street sex work are much misunderstood and who are out there in the cold tonight.

    Meghan Markle: Duchess of Sussex, supporter of women, and now head of banana messaging.

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