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If You Can Check Off At Least 40 Of These, You Went To An All-Girls Catholic School

May lalaki sa campus? SAAN???!?!?!!?!

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In the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, gender-exclusive schools aren't anything new.


There are just some things you need to do without guys around... you know, like shamelessly screaming "SINO MAY NAPKIN!!!!!" around the hallway.

  1. Check all that apply:

    May minimum hair length requirement. Bawal boy cut.
    White socks.
    Usually with black shoes.
    Bawal flashy accessories. Or any at all.
    There's always that one religious follower of the school handbook.
    You can fix your bra strap in the middle of the hallway.
    Your classmates have probably seen you in your bra.
    Or pwedeng magbihis sa gitna ng classroom.
    You've shared clothes with your classmates.
    You may or may not have lost your sando or socks in the classroom.
    Or your shorts.
    You probably talked about your body parts without second thought.
    And your mens cycle.
    Maybe you know who's getting their period after someone else finishes.
    You've screamed, "SINO MAY NAPKIN!!!" in the classroom.
    You've screamed, "SINO MAY NAPKIN!!!" in the hallway.
    You have given a napkin to someone else.
    You have given a hair tie to someone else.
    Have known at least one girl crushing on another in your school.
    Have known at least one couple from your school.
    Have had a crush on someone from your school.
    Have dated someone from your school.
    Helped hide a relationship in school.
    Hid a relationship in school.
    Knew which girls were straight, and which weren't.
    You know what "fishing" is.
    Tinulungan mo si bes mag fishing.
    Tinulungan ka ni bes mag fishing.
    Have spent too much time prepping in the school bathroom.
    Or having chismis sessions in the bathroom.
    Or having chismis sessions in the canteen.
    There were unspoken table arrangements in the canteen.
    But no matter where you sat, you were always told to sit properly.
    Half of the shirts in your closet are PE shirts.
    Or school shirts.
    You've witnessed a lot of petty batch wars.
    Or class wars, even.
    Most of which were stirred during intrams.
    But there was nothing worse than the rival all-girls school.
    That to this day you have some sort of grudge on.
    Had a crush on a male teacher.
    Have been excited to see a guy on campus, kahit hindi gwapo.
    Cheerdance season was also a time of war.
    You have helped create those surprisingly intricate props.
    Or taught your classmates to make their voices deeper for cheers.
    Or nearly broke bones (or actually did) practicing stunts.
    Cried because you placed first in the competition.
    Cried because you didn't expect to lose the competition.
    School fair was always the time for visitors... like GUYS.
    And still very good-looking alumna.
    And your friend's cute brother/s.
    If you had a crush outside of school, you would invite them.
    If you had a crush in school, you would ask them if they wanted to do anything together.
    You've witnessed a promposal at a fair.
    You've promposed/been promposed to at a fair.
    You've had the same crush as a friend.
    You've fought over this said crush.
    You've witnessed fights over crushes.
    You've gone to school with minimal or no fixing.
    You've done each other's makeup in class.
    You've done each other's hair in class.
    You've written retreat/recollection letters for each other.
    You've apologized in a retreat/recollection letter.
    You've confessed your feelings for someone in a retreat/recollection letter.
    You've told someone to "always pray" or "be good" in a retreat/recollection letter.
    You've reconciled with a friend during a retreat/recollection.
    You cried your eyes out during a retreat/recollection.
    You had to surrender your phone during a retreat/recollection.
    But brought a spare one anyway.
    Didn't actually sleep during the retreat/recollection.
    Stayed up talking all night during the retreat/recollection.
    You must have had a really tight girl group.
    Or at least a best friend.
    Mapagkakamalan pa kayo na magka-on.
    Sometimes, the most pogi person you know isn't actually a guy.
    You took extreme pride in your school's varsities.
    Probably the dance troupe, too.
    ESPECIALLY the choir.
    You took the most pride in your notable alumnae.
    (and hope to one day have your face on a tarpaulin, too.)
    When your school guards still know you after graduation.
    When your teachers still know you after graduation.
    Still knowing the dates of feast days after graduation.
    The frightening realization that you know almost no one there anymore.
    Have had to dispel famous all-girls school myths.
    Like those who assumed everyone was prim and proper.
    Or that no one knew how to interact with boys.
    Or that we were all lesbians.
    Have immediately related to anyone in the outside world who also went to an all girls school.
    And have been proud of where we came from.

If You Can Check Off At Least 40 Of These, You Went To An All-Girls Catholic School

Okay lang yan, bimb. While the All-Girls World isn't complete explainable, try asking an all-girls grad to tell you about what it's like! You're in for a loooot of good stories.

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How's life in the outside world, sis?? Nakapagrecover ka na ba sa all-girls experience mo?? Graduating from an exclusive school must have equipped you to deal with the drama of the real world, so go out there and do some good!

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