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27 Things That Happen When You're A Tall Girl In Manila

Oo na bes, it's colder up here than it is down there.

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Being tall in the Philippines isn't exactly easy.

Kim Kardashian West / Via Instagram

I mean, we do live in a country where the average height for males is 5'3" and the average height for females is 4'11"... which means being 5'6" and over that *literally* makes you stand out from the crowd.

2. People asking you what you did to get so tall.

@BuzzFeedPH / Via Twitter

"Natulog ka ba tuwing hapon nung bata ka pa?"

"Anong gatas iniinom mo?"

"Pinanligo mo ba Cherifer?"

Buti sana kung alam ko, bimb.


6. "Paabot."

Ang hirap naman maging matangkad. Mmmp este artistic pala! HAHAHAAH SOBRANG IBA @jerevalereye

Apparently, not exclusive to bayad sa jeep. You automatically become the claimer of all things in high places, AKA The Realm Which They Can't Reach.

7. Running into things. ALL THE TIME.

YoungerTV / Via GIPHY

Sometimes I wish I could apologize to my forehead for bumping it on doorways so often, and to my knees and shins for getting slammed on unsuspecting chair legs, table corners, and who knows what.


9. Actually, so is crossing your legs under the table.

So many sources of bad vibes today. Can't even cross my legs under the fcking table.

10. Have I mentioned seeing over bathroom stalls?

Ang hirap magsukat ng damit sa ukay kapag matangkad ka, walang privacy. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The only thing more awkward than making awkward eye contact with someone through the crack of the bathroom stall is actually making eye contact OVER the bathroom stall.

11. Public transportation is a pain in the ass.

Hirap maging matangkad sa pilipinas ang baba ng bubong ng tricycle anona

Not that it's not a pain in the ass for short people, but at least they never have to worry about not fitting in tricycles, legs being too long for bus seats, or hitting their heads sa sabitan sa jeep.


12. I mean, it is a SERIOUS pain in the ass.

Knees knocking the seat in front of you when you're on a plane, that awkward eye contact with the only other tall person on the MRT, constantly hitting your head when entering cars or jeeps, and a looooot more.

14. ...and of course, the bad posture that comes with it.


You subconsciously slouch to level yourself with them, and when someone pointed your posture out, you would deny it (but also have a hard time trying to sit up straight).




This could only mean two things: either your short friends who have a hard time keeping up with your long strides, or reeeeaaallly slow walkers who your lola could outrun. I mean, really?!

17. Buying pants???

Perks of being a tall girl. Walang kasyang pants sakin grrr. πŸ™„

Because when pants sizes go up, they go WIDER, but not TALLER. I JUST WANNA LOOK GOOD, MOM!!!

19. Forget about rompers, shorts, and crop tops, too!!!

Hirap maging matangkad bes, umiiksi yung damit. 😒

Don't charge me for indecent exposure!!! Hindi maikli suot ko, mahaba binti ko huhuhu


20. Or anything that requires covering your limbs fully because you're too long-limbed.

The closest thing to heartbreak is falling in love with a jacket on sale and finding out it only covers maybe half of your wrist. Paano na porma ko, bes??

22. When a cute guy is short...

@MyFABEmusic / Via Twitter

Being 5'8" means being the same height as James Reid, and also towering over most of the guys you know. Eh kung gusto ko ng effortless forehead kiss?!?!??!


25. Mirror selfies might not be for you.

Gusto ko lang naman sana umawra sa banyo, di pa pwede HUHU *sad react only*

26. It's either awkward crouching poses in photos...

TALL GIRL PROBLEMS: Nakayuko ka sa lahat ng pictures

"Ako na lang ba palaging mag-aadjust??!?!?!"

27. ...or risking getting your head cut off from the photo.

Hirap maging matangkad muntikan na akong di makita πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I am now one level higher than the ipis who can live two weeks without a head.


28. And most of the time, you're the automatic selfie stick.

Tall people AKA Designated Monopod ng Barkada

Edi ako na pinakamahaba!!! Huhuhu