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You Can Win Access To A Golden Toilet At Music Festivals Now

Austin City Limits' golden port-a-potty takes VIP section ridiculousness to the next level.

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So there's this golden port-a-potty being showcased at the Austin City Limits festival.


The festival is having a contest in which six "lucky" winners will receive 10 single day tickets for one day of the festival PLUS 10 private passes to the golden port-a-potty.

There's even a video tour online of the portable bathroom which, in case you were wondering, is made out of "pure 25 karat gold."

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This little oasis is way more than just a place to do your business.

The bells and whistles that come with VIP packages at festivals have come under fire in the past for being unnecessary.

A Rolling Stone article from May detailed how artists and promoters feel about things like air-conditioned tents, private pools, and other "high-end experiences" used to divide festival-goers. Jam Productions promoter Andy Cirzan said, "It's so not rock & roll. You're sitting in 90-degree heat and watching some asshole sitting in an air-conditioned tent getting a pedicure." Add a golden toilet to the mix of festival extravagances and it makes you wonder what people won't ask for these days to have a more comfortable time at a music fest.

A previous version of this article stated you could purchase access to the port-a-potty. In fact, access will be won through the contest.