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Robin Thicke's New Video About His Ex-Wife Is All Sorts Of Creepy

Here's how *not* to win her back: skulls, blood, and invasive texts.

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On June 23, Robin Thicke released a video for his new single "Get Her Back."

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The single is from his upcoming album titled Paula, which is no doubt a reference to his ex-wife Paula Patton.

The two split after eight years of marriage in February.
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The two split after eight years of marriage in February.

Writing a whole album about a woman (and then literally naming it after her) is creepy to begin with, but this video takes Thicke's apologetic intentions to a whole new level.

AKA a terrifying level.

For starters, there are all these distressed women...


...and Thicke's face is bloody for no reason.

Via Interscope

There are all these people wearing masks that you might miss with the blink of an eye.

Is this some sort of subliminal message, Robin?

And what's up with these women wearing skulls?

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Oh my that a heart?!

Via Interscope

Yeah that's definitely a human heart in his hand.

So this is basically a horror movie?

Via Interscope
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