13 Reasons You Really Needed Interpol Back In Your Life

Break out the suits. It’s album time.

This is Interpol.

The post-punk revival band from NYC who blew up in the indie rock scene with their 2002 debut album Turn On The Bright Lights.

And pretty soon they’re releasing their first new album in four years.

It’s called El Pintor and it will be out September 9th.

They even released a sneak peak of their time in the studio.

“When you’re recording a record a lot of these amps sound better at 10.”

But in case you’ve forgotten about Interpol in that four year hiatus, we’ve got some reminders on why they’re one of the best rock bands:

1. They wear their hearts on their sleeves.

If you don’t want to feel the feels then don’t even pick up the album.

2. They’re the best dressed dudes in rock.

#High #Fashion #Goth

3. Seriously, no jeans and T-shirts for Interpol.


Except for Daniel.

4. They have their band color palette and they stick to it.


Except for their 2007 Our Love to Admire album, Interpol’s all black, white, and red all over.

5. They’re definitely not too macho to talk about love.

And just how god damn sad it can be.

6. They may have lost a founding member, but they’re still making awesome music.

Carlos Dengler, Interpol’s bassist, left the band in 2010. Since then, the band’s done just fine and Banks is picking up bass duties on the new album.

7. They’re a dark band, but in the best way possible.

Put away your banjos and upright basses, indie rock. Shit is going to get scary.

8. And they’re also bilingual.

If the title of their new album El Pintor (also an anagram for Interpol) wasn’t indication enough, lead singer Paul Banks is fluent in Spanish and often sings in Spanish live.

9. Does anybody rock out on guitar like Daniel Kessler?

He is IN the zone here.

10. Paul Banks’ hairstyle progression deserves it’s own list at this point.



11. Interpol just has this way of making non-sensical lyrics make complete sense.

Isn’t that so romantic?

12. And they call each other out when they get a little too non-sensical.


Carlos, what were you even talking about?

13. Seriously, these dudes are just a couple of goofs.


Ugh, Paul, stop being so embarrassing.

And now, we wait for El Pintor.

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