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9 Reasons To Watch The Ed Sheeran Documentary Tonight

Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran follows the making of Ed’s album x, out June 23rd, and his life behind the scenes — and we saw it first! Here are some of our favorite moments.

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1. Seeing Ed get a tattoo.


His sleeves are awesome.

2. His adorable friendship with Taylor Swift.


When your friends with T. Swift, you get handmade needlepoint gifts.

3. A peak into Ed Sheeran's diary!


He keeps a solid record of everything.

4. The excitement leading up to releasing his single "Sing."


He gets so nervous.

5. Stealing snacks in the studio.


Maroon 5's cupcakes become Ed Sheeran's afternoon snack.

6. All those clumsy little Ed Sheeran moments.

Like when he gets stuck inside the BBC offices...

7. His celeb-heavy couch-surfing stories.


One time, he passed out at Jennifer Aniston's pad.

8. Insight into the hardships he's had to endure.


From homelessness to heartbreak, Ed gets personal.

9. His dedication to his fans.


He cares, he really cares.

Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran airs tonight at 11/10. CT.

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