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12 Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Instagram Problems

From TMI pics to filter decisions.

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1. When you really want to Instagram but you can't find your phone.

2. When you know somebody's life on Insta doesn't look that cool.

3. When jealous people keep stalking your Instagram.

4. When you seriously just CAN'T pick a filter.

5. When your family posts TMI Instagrams.

6. When people will NOT stop commenting on your pics.

7. When someone is basically catfishing you with their pics.

8. When someone posts a pic of you that you definitely DON'T WANT on Instagram.

9. When someone you want to stalk on Instagram has a private account.

10. When people keep bragging about their swag in their feed.

11. When your bae looks way cuter in person than they do on Instagram.

12. Living in fear that your dirty Instagrams will get you banned (or, you know, you could just not post them?)

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