Miley Cyrus Instagrammed Kathleen Hanna And The Internet Freaked Out

Looks like someone watched The Punk Singer on Netflix last night.

1. On July 31, Miley Cyrus was up late posting pictures of Kathleen Hanna to Instagram.

2. Hanna’s career as a feminist activist and singer for bands like The Julie Ruin and Bikini Kill must have struck a chord with Cyrus, who has recently discussed why she considers herself a feminist..

Her caption for this one was “coolest ever.”

3. But some of the Internet wasn’t having it and poked fun at Cyrus’ newfound inspiration in Hanna.

5. But some people were totally into Cyrus’ little Instagram homage to riot grrrl. She even earned a few fans in the process.

I've kinda hated Miley Cyrus but she just posted a pic of Kathleen Hanna on Instagram & I think that makes up for whatever I h8ed her for.

— Chloe Gerhardson (@ChloeGerhardson)

Miley Cyrus posted pictures of Kathleen Hannah in her bikini kill days and I just fell more in love with Miley

— Gaby escamilla (@G_escamilla09)

8. Others hoped Cyrus might learn a little from Hanna, specifically about how sexism and racism overlap:

.@MileyCyrus you should read Kathleen Hanna on intersectional feminism

— J. Escobedo Shepherd (@jawnita)

Is Miley Cyrus having some sort of feminist revelation on instagram? Kathleen Hanna is awesome, but you're still racist, dear.

— Alice Z. (@_thebookthief_)

10. As Kathleen Hanna would sing: “Dare ya to do what you want, dare ya to be who you will.”

Go start your revolution girl-style now, Miley.


On August 4, Kathleen Hanna reached out to Miley Cyrus through Twitter in response to the Instagram pictures, hinting at a possible collaboration:

Hey @MileyCyrus so sweet you posted pics of me...have an idea for an album that only you are daring enough to make .

— Kathleen Hanna (@kathleenhanna)

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