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    Posted on Jul 29, 2014

    Macklemore Gets Emotional On This New Fences Song

    The collaboration with Ryan Lewis is, not surprisingly, all about being misunderstood.

    On July 29, Seattle-based band Fences released their new song "Arrows," which features Macklemore and was produced by Ryan Lewis.

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    The track is from Fences' forthcoming new LP Lesser Oceans, which is out Oct. 14.

    The upbeat, jangly pop song is about dealing with people who try to own you and don't understand the way you live your life.


    "Fences is a good friend," Macklemore told Billboard. "He’s fu---d up in the same way that I’m f----d up. Because of that, our lives relate beyond the music. I’ve always admired his talent for illustrating with words and evoking imagery."

    The song gets personal, with Macklemore rapping, "He makes mistakes / Tells stories to his paintbrush / And when the world finally sees his art / He wishes that he never would have made it."

    It's possible the mistake he's referring to is a controversial concert appearance back in May, for which he wore a stage costume many people felt was anti-Semitic.

    Let it out, Macklemore.