13 Lies Taylor Swift Told Teenagers About Life

Today was not a fairy tale, Taylor.

1. Your first relationship won’t be just like Romeo & Juliet.

2. A boy probably WON’T profess his love to you using a paper sign in the middle of prom.


Prom is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s more about dancing and eating cold chicken fingers than, uh, your longtime crush revealing their love for you on the dance floor.

3. You’re not better than other girls just because you’re “quirkier” or “nerdier.”

Girls can be cheerleaders and band geeks and short-skirt wearers. The best part, though? All girls are not in competition with each other.

4. You’re not going to be able to predict your romantic future.

Girl you saw ALL OF THIS, engagement, wedding, kids, after one first look?!

5. You probably won’t get to see real sparks fly whenever your crush smiles.

That’s physically impossible, Ms. Swift.

6. And you’re not always going to believe everyone who tells you they love you.

7. You *definitely* won’t be able to detect trouble this easily.

How DID she know though?

8. Still, love isn’t always so #PAINFUL.

Sometimes it’s just fun!

9. Your college library won’t be like the one in “Story of Us.”


Those stacks look too fun, I’m sorry.

10. It’s not actually raining all the time, no matter where your boyfriend is.

Boys don’t control the weather :(

11. Dancing “like you’re 22” unfortunately doesn’t make everything all right.


12. Seriously, nobody looks this cute before going to bed!

Your first apartment won’t look like Anthropologie either.

13. Because life just isn’t a fairy tale.

No matter how many giant teddy bears you’re given.

But it’s OK that you dream big, T. Swizzle. WE STILL LOVE YOU.

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