Grimes Is Actually The Most Relatable Pop Star on The Internet

Her internet presence will make you want to be her BFF.

1. You all know Grimes, aka Claire Boucher? She looks like an IRL Sailor Moon and sings like an angel?

Yeah, you know her.

2. Well did you know that her Twitter is the realest in the game?

3. Who DID invent juice and where is their honorary medal?

4. TRUE.

5. Somehow you’ve never thought of this and now it’s all you want to do.

6. And she might be relatively new to Instagram, but she’s already winning it.

Just chillin’

7. You’ll really feel her selfies asking whether or not her hair-styles are “questionable or sick.”

8. Or, lust after all her Miyazaki fangirl swag.

Can someone please animate Grimes into Kiki’s Delivery Service or something?

9. AND OF COURSE she has a perfect Tumblr.

Note the “Adult Cat Finder” pop-up installed.

10. She blogs pretty great vegan ice cream reviews…

11. …and will teach you how to make music just like she did when she started.

12. She actually takes the time to respond to her fans, reblog their fan art, and clear up misconceptions about her work.

She is a real person!

13. And she posts the siiiickest art to her Tumblr that will make you jealous of her skills.

“a scan of some unfinished thing thing that will never get finished cuz i lost the piece of paper i drew it on haha”

14. She can be indecisive about her ‘net presence, like when she changes up her Twitter name what feels like 10 times a month.


15. Sometimes, she gets stressed just like the rest of us.

dead dead dead

16. And get’s a little weird with her fashion choices.

@sunniebrook i like wearing this the less practical way haha

— Impa (@Grimezsz)

18. Grimes for Queen of the Internet, please.

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