15 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Is Basically Tumblr

Ariana, is JustGirlyThings YOUR Tumblr?

1. She’s just so weird.

2. She knows that Tumblr can CONSUME YOUR LIFE.



3. She lives for the simple things, like kitties to cuddle with.

4. Boys have this strange ability to steal her heart.

BOYS! Spill your secrets! What is this sorcery?!

5. She values a perfect beauty game.

Flawless lipstick? Check.

6. She knows everyone gets insecure, no matter how perfect they may seem.

You get it Ariana.

7. She’s the queen of cracking up.


Oh my gawd Ariana control yourself girl.

8. She appreciates a good hair bow.

9. She thinks Times Square is magical.

Not a commercial tourist trap.

10. In her world, friendships are solidified with cupcakes.

11. She’s all about making the summer as fun as possible.

12. She knows when she deserves better.

Problem boys can TAKE A WALK.

13. Being a princess? Now that’s the dream.

14. She loves a good selfie.


15. I mean…come on.

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