13 Reasons Why Lana Del Rey And The So Sad Today Twitter Are The Same Person

This is what makes us #sad girls.

1. They both know there’s just no “remedy for memory.”

2. They are both sick and tired of your video games, boys.

3. They’re so lonely, all the time.

kiss me on the loneliness

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

4. They are both fucking crazy…

i may be crazy, but-- (no but)

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

5. …and god, do they both love a crazy boy.

Crazy, screwed up, dangerous, million-dollar men who ride motorcycles.

oh I didn't realize you were that crazy. we'll be perfect together.

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

6. Seriously, they can’t resist the worst boys.

i hate you kiss me

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

7. And once they have you, they’ll love you forever.

don't think about him don't think about him don't think about him don't think about him *thinks about him forever*

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

8. They both know what obstacles all girls face together.


girls are only crazy cuz boys torture us

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

sad red sad white sad blue

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

10. Death? They’re both into it.

cause of death: just thought it would be cool

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

11. The both know how tough life can be.

hey girl, is it difficult to remember the last time you were happy?

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

12. Sometimes it seems like all these two ever do is wait around for love.

sad girls waiting for sad boys to think sad thoughts about them

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

…just so…

if you're lonely, desperate, needy and sad at least be great at it

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)


so far so sad

— so sad today (@sosadtoday)

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