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    12 Ways Your Phone Can Mess Up Your Relationships

    According to Trey Songz.

    With just one butt-dial, Trey Songz finds out how easily a phone can expose an affair in his new single, "Smartphones." In anticipation of his new album Trigga, due out July 1, the R&B singer explains just how dangerous your phone can be.

    1. People freak out when you don't answer texts quickly.

    "In the past is [that] when you called someone and they didn't call you back, you didn't immediately suspect they were ignoring you, because phones were at home," Trey said. "You had to wait to get back to the house to call someone. Now if you text someone and they don't text you back in 20 minutes or less, they assume you're acting funny."

    2. It's so easy to accidentally send the wrong texts to people.


    "You look up and you realize you've sent somebody the wrong message or you've copied and pasted something. I think it happens to us all at the oddest times and we just don't realize. I get butt-dialed maybe once every other day."

    3. And when you make a mistake, people can screenshot it.

    "The screenshot will be the death of all relationships. I've sent a text I didn't mean to send and then I deleted it, as if that matters. [Screenshoting] is an awful thing."

    4. People pretend they don't get your text messages.

    "You can't deny what the phone says. Ever text somebody and it says "Delivered" but then they say they didn't get it? That pisses me off. If the phone says 'Delivered,' it was delivered. The potential for your phone to mess up is just enough that you can blame a missed call or non-response to a text on a 'glitch.'"

    5. And private messages you send on your phone can become tweets in an instant.

    "When Twitter was first becoming a thing, I assumed I was sending a direct message to this girl with my number in it, but I tweeted it out to the whole world. My phone just started ringing like crazy but it took me 10 minutes to piece it together. I picked up the phone and girls were screaming at me. I had to instantly change my number."

    6. It’s almost impossible to know what your phone may put into "the cloud.”

    "Nobody really understands the cloud. It has all your information but you can't see it or touch it. Every time you plug your phone up to the computer, everything gets put in the cloud: every text, phone conversation, numbers you've received."

    7. Or to tell what someone looks like from their photos alone.

    "The world hasn't been the same since the filters became a standard option."

    8. Sometimes you just can't tell if unsolicited nudes are "accidental" texts.

    "One time this girl sent me these provocative pictures asking her friend if they were too much. I was like, 'Huh?' The pictures were crazy. There was boob here, ass here. I'm thinking that time it might have been [on purpose.]"

    9. And your phone might actually butt-dial your girl while you’re with someone else:

    "My song 'Smartphones' stems from a real experience. It wasn't as serious [as in the song], but it was a call that the woman I was seeing shouldn't have heard. It definitely happens. People have to be very careful."

    10. …but if your phone gets you caught, don’t even try to lie:

    "In that moment when you've called this person, when you realize you have possibly risked so much, you don't know what you're going to say. The worst thing you can do is lie. The thing about cheating is you need to be honest. You can't have a relationship without trust, and you can't have trust without honesty."

    11. Seriously, in the smartphone era, don't just whip out some lame excuse via an easy text message.

    "Stuff my guys say or guys [list] as excuses are being intoxicated, being high, I don't remember anything, I had to do it, I didn't touch her. [laughs] I've heard girls say that shit too. Depending on what you've been caught doing, sometimes there is just no going back."

    12. But whatever chaos your phone causes you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Pretty much EVERYONE is messing up.

    "We've got everyone from governors and mayors getting caught with photos. There are a lot of people fucking up with phones. Don't be deceitful and don't have that information getting out. Just get a dope code on your phone."