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Posted on Jul 7, 2014

11 Reasons Sisters Make The Best Friends

According to First Aid Kit.

This is First Aid Kit.

1. You just have that undefinable sisterly intuition.


Johanna Söderberg: Playing music and singing together is so easy for us. We have similar singing voices and we phrase in the same way. When we sing we don't even have to talk about it, we just know instantly what the other person's going to do. I know what she's going to say before she says it.

2. You can always be honest with your sister...


JS: When we write songs we can be really open with each other and be really honest. We don't have to be scared that one of us is going to react a certain way so we don't have to compromise as much. It really helps when you're being creative with someone to know them so well.

3. ...and she'll be sure to keep you grounded when life gets hectic.


JS: We have to tour a lot and it can be kind of scary to be away from home that much. Having each other, having someone that you know that well, makes you aware of how crazy things are. She's someone who's always been there and someone who knows you. I'll be the one who will say, "Klara, no, you're not that cool."

Klara Söderberg: Oh wow, thanks! [laughs]

JS: [Laughs] But not in a bad way! We keep each other down to earth.

4. Your sister's right there with you when times get rough.


JS: We've grown up a lot together and have been under a lot of pressure, so we carry that burden together when it's been tough. It sounds really dramatic but we've been through bad shows or bad interviews.

KS: Being very young and being judged in the public is a strange thing, so it's been great to have each other.

5. Your wardrobe game is two times bigger.


JS: We have double wardrobe. I'm taller than Klara but we can still somehow always wear the same stuff. Whenever we go out shopping Klara always tries stuff on because I'm lazy. We also don't have to buy two copies of the same piece.

KS: I will say it does cause problems occasionally. Like if we both want to wear the same thing or maybe if I borrow something from Johanna and I lose it on an airplane.

JS: Like you did yesterday with my leather jacket? [laughs]

KS: I'm sorry!

6. A singing sister = a kickass karaoke partner every time.

7. Nobody gets your weirdo inside jokes quite like your sister...


JS: Growing up together we have a lot of inside jokes and have had a lot of experiences I don't think anyone else understands. I think when we hang out we kind of go a bit crazy. We'll just have this sense of humor that nobody else understands.

KS: They're always just strange and stupid jokes. Like we're always sending pictures of sloths to each other. We could just send pictures of animals to each other all day.

8. ...especially when they're about your embarrassing but hilarious shared past.

9. Even the worst fights can be forgiven when you're sister is your BFF.


KS: One time, our mom got me these really nice shoes and I didn't have a lot of nice things so it was really exciting. I was like 5 or 6. Then I never got to wear them because Johanna put tomatoes in them and ruined them! [laughs]

JS: I used to be really mean to you.

KS: I've forgiven you, Johanna.

10. Sometimes you and your sister like ALL the same things.


JS: We like the same things but we'll also discover different things separately. We'll recommend different stuff to each other all the time. Like, "Oh have you heard this band or seen this artist?" It's very rare that we don't both love it. If we see a movie we'll always laugh at the same jokes.

KS: And if not then we'll argue about it. If Johanna doesn't get something I'll be like, "How did you not get that?!"

JS: We also cry a lot to movies together. You're the only one I know who feels the same way about Titanic who will like REALLY cry with me. We'll be crying and look at each other and laugh because we both just get it.

11. Not to mention there are so many awesome sister music duos.


KS: Brother duos like Oasis or Everly Brothers can't even stand to be in the same room anymore. But sister duos — although there aren't that many — sisters seem to stick together.

JS: There's Canadian singers Anna and Kate McGarrigle, who are our favorite. Then there are The Roches, and we love Haim. We love Secret Sisters. There are a bunch of cool sister bands that formed in the same generation as us. We should all get together and have a sister choir!

Seriously, sisters are just THE BEST.