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30 Dishes That Will Change Your Mind About Eating Insects

There are loads of reasons to eat insects. The most important one though - they look and taste great.

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1. Bee larvae granola (with bee yoghurt)

This breakfast was created by the team at Nordic Food Labs, who explain how the larvae taste “something of egg and honey, and worm honeydew melon”. Read the full recipe here.

4. Chirps

An alternative to potato chips (crisps if you’re English), “chirps” have around 40% less fat and three times the protein. They are of course made from crickets, and you can buy them here.

7. Escamoles


This traditional Aztec delicacy is made from the larvae and pupae of Mexican ants, harvested from the roots of tequila and mezcal plants. They have a buttery, nutty taste and a texture similar to cottage cheese.

8. Chapulines


Pronounced “chap-o-leen” cooked grasshoppers are another indigenous dish from Mexico. Apparently they are best toasted with garlic, lime juice and agave worm extract. Their popularity is surging, with restaurants serving them up in New York, London, Paris and even Pembrokeshire.

13. Grasshopper pâté

Speaking of locally grown, insects don’t just bring farming back to urban areas (which reduces food miles). With projects like The Open Bug Farm, people are starting to rear meat in their kitchens and living rooms. Grasshopper pate is far more environmentally sensible than goose liver pate.

18. Bamboo worm bite


This dessert treat is from a Cordon Bleu gastronomy seminar held in February. Bamboo worms are used to make the crust, while stink bugs are infused into its tiramisu cream.

20. BEE L. T. sandwich

This is the invention of edible bug blogger and author Danielle Martin. After being sauteed in a splash of butter and honey until crispy golden brown, bee larvae make the perfect substitute for bacon. Read the full recipe here.

24. Thongolifha

This Venda delicacy #Thongolifha is a must try for all! #FoodSA

This South African/Zimbabwean dish is also known as “tsonônô” and “harurga”.

29. Honeypot ant cupcake

Peter Menzel / Via

These ants have special significance to indigenous people from northern Australia. This picture is from Peter Menzel’s book Man Eating Bugs. The cupcakes were made by Vic Cherikoff.

31. Escargot


Snails are not insects, but they are still creepy crawly. Nevertheless, they have been eaten in France since prehistoric times and remain as popular as ever, despite being no weirder than crickets, waxworms or bee larvae.

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